Saturday, December 08, 2012

A modern gorgon

A Christian one at that. Sunshine Mary at The Woman and the Dragon, whose blog persona is more or less a female Roissy (a coach for men whom Derb calls a thinking man’s Charlie Sheen), tells more or less the same truths with about the same bluster, offending some of the same people. He and she aren’t the magisterium and don’t claim to be but have lots of natural, God-given common sense.

The subject, a mainline minister’s wife, is an extreme example but what’s scary is her idiocy is becoming mainstreamish at least in the ruling class when it can do the most harm.

Liberalism is a ripoff of the church. It likely wouldn’t exist without us! This example seems to distort two truths, chivalry/‘husbands, love your wives’ (white-knightery/the pedestal arguably is another, conservative distortion) and, even though this woman rails against it, protecting the weak and oppressed.

On that note, something lighter from Sailer:

Tall white knight appears to want in on the anti-hate/pro-hot Asian babe diversity action,
but the Asian Womyn activists don’t look too interested.

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  1. Responsio:

    1. Gorgon? "A gorgon is a female creature from Greek mythology who turns to stone any man who gazes upon her horrifying face."---->Oh! You must mean Rosie O'Donnell! LOL

    2. the Modern Gorgon--a goddess wannabe

    3. “My son is going to be a man and there is nothing I can do to stop it!” I was disheartened by that thought.----->Idiot! It's in his genes (and his jeans!). There are 150,000 years of Cro-Magnon history behind this . . . maybe even longer if you go into earlier human and hominid history.

    4. At the rate things are going if feminism becomes "successful" with men in the West, Islam will inherit the sociological wreckage. I doubt that the Muslims will tolerate feminism.


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