Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

  • Greek Catholics re-revisited. Catholicism’s and Orthodoxy’s one-true-church claims compared, on paper and in practice. Answering this.
  • 2012 passing: Eduard Khil. The hipsters were making fun of him and he knew it but I think this clip’s Lawrence Welk charming. Unironically sweet. There’s the irony that an ideology so radical, so anti-traditional order, that did so much harm (the winner of WWII, worse than the Nazis yet history gives them a free pass), seemed, when mixed with Slavic culture, so charmingly conservative in ways (the Politburo were dressed almost like me; this is from ’76 but looks and sounds like the non-Sixties ’60s). Bel canto (Russian church music is opera) like this, and cute folk song and dance. The man could sing. Вечная память (eternal memory).
  • What a year. Restarting a career in midlife as newspapers go the way of the horse and carriage. Now I write like a Mad Man online. Love it.
  • Donna and I will celebrate with the local talent, South Jersey Italians (South Philly East?), then go to Mass tomorrow morning.

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