Saturday, December 15, 2012


Christmas parade, Moorestown, NJ.

The moods of Azzie, a partly outdoor cat with his own room in the basement because he went insane and started destroying things in his owner’s apartment. I describe him as Morris possessed. He has never been abused. I wonder if he hunts. What look like fight scars are from a skin disease and nervous overgrooming. His ears are clogged too. Sometimes he’ll run to you and meow. Mostly he gives wicked-looking stares. I want to get him a bag of catnip for Christmas.

Solid wood office chair by Braun & Rutherford, New York, and US government-issue briefcase.

Hi there.

Santa came to town today.


  1. Anonymous10:06 pm

    poor cat :( im not a cat person but still an animal lover - nice of you to help him out, the Lord provides even for the sparrows indeed.

    probably mange and bad ear infections

  2. The catnip is a bad idea becasue it can make them sick.I have seen few vidoes of cats on catnip and they go nuts and pass out for few minutes.So prety please dont but azzie any! Get him kitty toy to play with our fake mouse.

  3. Anonymous12:14 am

    i think it is mange he need a good bath and will get worse


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