Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Today's links and my obituary for newspapers

  • Takimag: Pat Buchanan on the true disciple of Alinsky.
  • LRC: Ron Paul about the financial cliff. Look for a “bipartisan” compromise in late December, with Republicans giving in to tax increases and settling for phony spending cuts that actually grow government, and Democrats caving on defense cuts in exchange for tax increases.
  • LRC blog: Newspaper death watch: NYT downsizes; great white hope the Daily folds. A much-heralded tablet-based newspaper that was going to revolutionize the news media. Rather like last year I thought/hoped my life after newspapers would start at Patch, the logical replacement for small-town papers, but I understand it isn’t doing well; it stopped hiring. Everybody I knew there has left. Also: JRC. Many of my nearly 18 years in newspapers were with JRC, starting back before the Web changed everything, for the better. I got started at a then-new paper! For me the biz went from working in a small-town office (owned by a big company) with nice, smart folks (young college grads, including an Ivy Leaguer, and part-timers who were playwrights or retired professors) to the last 10 years like being on the Titanic with a lost-souls version of the Costa Concordia crew. (Except the last good editor, only one in a decade, who of course got the hell out.) Saw the depression close two newsrooms, including mine then, in ’08. Interestingly, before trying to emphasize the Web to save themselves, the newsroom had a designated Internet person but of course that young man with potential got a better offer, so it ended up with a man who couldn’t write a sentence in charge of the website. Anyway the only times I read newspapers now are if I happen to be at a lunch counter or on a train and there’s one nearby. Writing punchy Web-ad copy locally and the content of a whole site for appreciative Europeans, and fact-checking journal-article footnotes, are so much better.
  • Cracked: five absurdly fatal injuries you won’t believe people survived.
  • Anti-war, pro-military in principle, but the military isn’t really conservative: gay wedding at West Point chapel.


  1. I will be curious to read what Roissy might say (i.e., if he has anything to say) of the military after its feminization & gayification are maturely implemented.

  2. Other media, of course, are seizing on the death of newspapers. The local news radio station pushes its aggresive web presence with the by-line "Why wait to read yesterday's news?"


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