Friday, December 14, 2012

Today's links and quotations

  • From The God That Failed: ‘Deck the Halls with Macro Follies’.
  • From Ricochet: a so-con defends her vote for marijuana. Don’t mind if you do! There is no consensual crime.
  • From Modestinus: The Novus Ordo Mass is a confused patchwork of authentic Catholic liturgy, historical Christian tidbits, and, sadly, Protestantizations. That is to say, it is a very incoherent liturgy. Now, before someone jumps down my throat, I am in no way, shape, or form implying that the NO Mass is invalid, heretical, or an offense to Almighty God (though, sadly, the way it is sometimes served leads me to believe that definite NO Masses offered by priests of the Catholic Church are all three — at once!). But I do believe the NO Mass, as currently constituted, is liturgically weak and, to borrow the judgment of Michael Davies from his magisterial Pope Paul’s New Mass, “an essay in ambiguity.” The Tridentine Mass is unambiguous and that, more than anything else, is its great virtue in a time of mass apostasy and lukewarm Christians.
  • From Rorate Cæli: trendy to be trad. ...a sign that the church took a wrong turn 50 years ago? Yup.
  • From Cracked: fact the wise have always known: teenagers’ brains aren’t fully grown. Still, many adults don’t understand and inadvertently make things worse for them. The experts say the brain isn’t mature until your 30s, which explains the constitutional rule that the president must be at least 35.
  • From Chronicles: economics’ limitations/faults. Sociology and political science, to the extent they are practiced in the manner of sciences like physics and chemistry, are as bogus as phrenology and astrology. Economics, to some extent, is on a firmer ground, because primary economic activities, such as buying and selling, can very often be expressed in monetary terms. Economic analysis can, therefore, tell us a great deal about how hypothetical average human beings under certain circumstances will behave, but it has little or nothing to say about how John Smith or Pocahontas will behave.
  • From RR: Wendy McElroy on America’s coolest capitalist TV shows. Reality shows about business are educational. I like ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ but it has the same problem McElroy says ‘The Apprentice’ has.
  • A man takes a gun into a shopping mall, shoots a bunch of people then kills himself with it. The victims and their families have nobody alive to sue. The five CEOs who control 90% of all media make sure the gun is blamed. The you-should-be-defenseless politicians whip the gun ban legislation out of their filing cabinets and give it another go. Since many people are not quite that stupid, concealed carry permit issuance, gun ownership, new gun sales and ammo sales are at an all-time high. How it plays out.


  1. ----->The N.O.M. has one positive effect on me! (not really)<-----

    It has given me an appreciation for the very rigorous rubrics of the TLM that put the priest/celebrant in a liturgical straight jacket. Priests cannot be trusted with the liturgy they celebrate; they must be held to a rigorous standard that is embodied in the rubrics. If this is true, then isn't it even more nonsensical to trust the liturgy to the lay people and religious who think "We are Church" and "Let's do liturgy?" Makes no sense at all to me.

    Jim C.

    1. One more thing . . . screw Timothy Radcliffe! :-(

      Jim C.


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