Monday, December 17, 2012

Today's links: O Sapientia, and Peter Hitchens

  • Peter Hitchens on Britain’s decline. Again tribe vs. propositional nation, each with valid points. Why shouldn’t the English (Anglo-Americans, Canadians and Australians) like being English (etc.)? A conservatism that’s personal and natural (ethnicity is family writ large), not an abstraction, so liberals hate it. (They pretend to like it when they’re trying to use minorities to fight the whites they don’t like, so you get contradictions like their defending Muslims who abuse women.) Of course classical liberalism/libertarianism/ordered liberty is the answer, entirely acceptable to Christianity. Individuals have rights — and responsibilities. That said, the family and tribe are society’s natural units. The law should reflect both. I don’t care what race you are; if you want to work and obey our do-no-harm rule (to that end, compromising your culture/religion if necessary), welcome.
    • Takimag: Charles Coulombe’s Catholic take.
    • Fr C. What is really beastly is that those people are being used for social engineering experiments by our Orwellian politicians and bureaucrats. That is what is transforming our country out of recognition and wrenching our English hearts!
  • Newtown, guns and meds. It occurred to me that I’ve never heard of a mass shooting at a gun show. Looks like you can blame Big Pharma in part for these shootings. Government-subsidized crony capitalism isn’t capitalism.
  • From RR:
  • From Sailer:
    • How the GOP could use women’s media.
    • If you'd asked me a couple of years ago, “Steve, your preoccupation is the quality of intellectual discourse, but, really, is there any hope? Does anything ever improve?” I would have answered: “Look how nobody believes in feminist dogma anymore. When I was a kid, a lot of people really believed that the reason little boys liked to play with trucks and clubs while little girls liked to play with baby dolls was because of social conditioning. But, generations have gone by and after a lot of children’s tears, we’ve all learned how silly that was.”
  • From Cracked: six harsh truths that will make you a better person. Most people don’t care about you. Sure, you’re more than your job, but in this fallen world most people only care about what you can give them.

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  1. Re: Peter Hichens' article

    Islam--God's chastisement of a divided and argumentative Christianity in the early centuries of the Church and now perhaps a 2nd chastisement in the post modernist Age!

    The birth control pill may possibly be the principle agent that provides for the decimation of Western "Christian" peoples to make room for baby-making Muslims. We only have ourselves to blame!

    Jim C.


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