Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Today's links

  • From RR: Palestine regime threatens war-crimes charges as Israel moves on steal-and-squat plans.
  • Obama regime rejects GOP “fiscal cliff” plan.
  • US Senate passes $631-billion “defense” bill.
  • Report: Ron Paul super PAC spent most $$$ on admin costs. Could be but look at the site’s bias.
  • Wendy McElroy on Obama’s war on the church.
  • ‘Exporting jobs.’ In fact, it’s a source of pleasure for me to observe that after centuries of grinding poverty, low-skilled folk in China, India and elsewhere have in recent years been able to clamber out of squalor into something resembling a decent standard of life. It’s one of the glories of the modern age, one of the triumphs of relatively free trade. How, though, can they be willing to do the same work for nothing like the same pay? Doesn’t that violate the Feminist religion, and a cardinal doctrine in trade union faith? That kind of question wasn’t asked in the recent campaign, but Root Strikers expect better. The reasons are not hard to find. Three prime culprits are unions, taxes and what government calls ”protection” – of which, curiously, more is being sought by its victims.
  • New problems need new solutions. As a libertarian I’m often accused of merely replacing faith in government intervention with blind faith in “the free market.” I can’t speak for all libertarians, but my confidence in the free market comes not from any faith in an institutional black box, but from a deep respect for the energy and resourcefulness of ordinary people. But everything depends, of course, on the “rules of the game.”
  • From LRC: Peter Hitchens on ‘the good wars’. The USSR won WWII (getting the European empire the Germans wanted); we were just supporting players/chumps, even though we seemed to come out of it very well, replacing Britain in running the old empire (the CFR’s and America’s plan all along?); Communism’s internal contradiction did in the victor 45 years later.
  • The Onion has fun with royal-watchers: 15-year-old Duchess of McComb, AL announces pregnancy. But it reminds me why I don’t normally read the site: snobby putdowns, and here tired clichés. (I’ve sat on the screened porch of a mobile home drinking sweet tea on a summer evening with an older lady and her son back from the Marines in the honest-to-goodness South they hate.) Better the history and news of the weird in Cracked.
  • From Cracked: four cringeworthy errors by respected publications. My newspaper career was mostly trying to stop that and just plain bad writing from showing up.
  • From Mark in Spokane: an exhortation from Fr L. Pretty standard stuff – exhorting is part of what priests do; the laity’s naturally more easygoing, which is fine. His point is the main threats to Americans’ faith are relativism (what the SSPX is afraid religious liberty is; libertarianism means we can all get along without compromising truth claims), utilitarianism and sentimentalism (you can sell abortion and euthanasia by seeming charitable; the left’s stock in trade when it’s really for convenience).
  • From Joshua: beware the anti-anti-war left.

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