Thursday, December 06, 2012

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  • RIP Dave Brubeck.
  • From RR: General Mills’ fishing for compliments via app backfires.
  • A war is coming? Nah. I understand that it’s no comfort to the victims of these wars that the troops are not as destructive as the typical WWII army, but the American people hardly know these brush fires are going on. There is no draft, no rationing, and no inconvenience whatever, just the occasional news story about a soldier who volunteered to mess around in somebody else’s country. Those few troops who do manage to get themselves killed, well, they signed up for that risk, didn’t they? Just as I did when I was young. Teenage boys stuffed to the gills with government school propaganda are usually not the most rational people around.
  • WWII again.


  1. WWII War Crimes Trials (East & West)

    Justice has nothing to do with it. The side that loses the war gets its leaders subjected to war crimes trials. And yes, most of those SOBs deserved the fate that befell them, but this is not the point!

    The cynic's key observation: Don't lose the war!

    Jim C.

  2. I have read that the British just wanted to execute the Nazi leadership rather than the Nuremberg show trials with their made-out-of-whole-cloth "crimes against humanity." We'd actually have been better off rather than giving globalist bureaucrats another justification for their schemes.

  3. I heard that about Churchill himself. He supposedly said something along the lines of "line them all up against a wall and shoot them." I don't know if this true or apocryphal. The Soviets wanted to break Germany up into small pieces, remove their industry in total, and turn them into a bunch of agricultural entities.

    Jim C.

  4. OwenW8:46 pm

    It wasn't just the Soviets. The Secretary of Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr., wanted to do the same thing.


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