Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today's video, links and quotation

  • From Takimag: You don’t have to be white or Christian to belong in America, but for Christ’s sake, show some respect. You’d take your shoes off if you walked into someone’s house in Japan and you wouldn’t joke about “killing all the Nips.” I don’t care if you’re black or Muslim. You get the same rules we all do, so stop being a petulant brat when you’re caught misbehaving.
  • Civil-rights quandary: judge rules that man may fire woman for being too attractive to him. Culture-wars shark chum for which I don’t have a glib answer. I like the conservative image of a well-meaning man trying to save his marriage by avoiding an occasion of sin, a subjective matter (eye of the beholder: not every man might be very attracted to her). But he doesn’t seem like a victim. He started it. It sounds here like he was obviously hitting on her. What about her rights? Did she do anything wrong? (Was she dressing provocatively?) Maybe she took it as harmless, flattering banter (nothing wrong with that, PC killjoys notwithstanding; vive la difference) so she didn’t put a stop to it, but to me he crossed the line. And when they started texting, so did she. (Her case, as I see it: potential adultery’s not the state’s business except as grounds for divorce; not grounds for firing here.) While I hate the feminists’ taunt ‘If you can’t control your thoughts that’s your problem, &#*@!’,* punishing a woman for being beautiful’s wrong too. Again, I think he started it, blatantly. But does this case set bad precedent? By the way, in my newspaper career, once I got a press release for the business page, from a woman joining a company, that included a sexy full-body photo! Much like on a soap, within about a year, subtly playing out in the society pages (pictures taken at charity galas), she stole the principal from his wife. Update: Fuinseoig in the first comment at the MCJ.
  • From Facebook: the Tridentine Mass in English. The English Missal. Requiem Low Mass at St Clement’s. The Canon used to be silent and they used to commemorate the Pope. I don’t think Catholics have public Requiems for non-Catholics or non-Christians. Privately you may venerate and pray for anyone. Of course Latin’s wonderful and has its purpose (one language for a worldwide church; unchanging template to check vernacular versions with) but this is what I have in mind when I say It’s Not About Latin™. (The Catholic rank and file don’t want Latin again, and the liberals use this against trads.) I understand there’s long been an indult to do the readings in the vernacular in the 1962 Missal and the SSPX in Europe uses it. (At first the SSPX used the 1965 instructions for the 1962: same idea, partly vernacular.)
*Leaving aside Roissy’s point that many feminists aren’t attractive, this taunt about sex reminds me of the left’s hypocrisy about violence, as a Facebook friend posting about recent news reminded me. They glorify violence in art (movies etc.) for example (they say self-censorship’s for squares), then blame guns and us conservatives when real violence happens. Also, the sexual revolution’s an alpha’s market. The scolding is meant only for non-alpha men.

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  1. From what few details I heard, I got the vague impression that the dentist's wife probably ordered him to fire the woman when she found out they were flirting. Unfortunately, "My wife issued an ultimatum" doesn't hold up in court, despite the fact that every married male juror in America would understand.


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