Monday, December 24, 2012

Vigil of Christmas

  • Studio City (Hollywood) Christmas Parade 1965.
  • Why malls are getting mauled. The depression and the mighty Internet. Reminds me: in case you haven’t seen it,
  • From Ad Orientem: heading to the cliff, the pols are lying/denying.
  • A classic true story: a peace lesson in an unnecessary war. The Christmas truce.
  • From Fr Tim Finigan: new media sacramentals. iPads, etc., the hand missals of tomorrow. As a commenter notes, just like we use real candles at the altar, I’d rather see a book altar missal than something glowing on the stand.
  • From Front Port Republic: centralization and the fiscal cliff.
  • From Steve Sailer on the class war among whites:
    • One of his points is it’s cheaper to live in the hinterland, so affordable family formation vs. the anti-family liberal areas. Also, this interesting take on gun control. What blue-region white liberals actually want is for the government to disarm the dangerous urban minorities that threaten their children’s safety. Red-region white conservatives, insulated by distance from the Crips and the Bloods, don’t care that white liberals’ kids are in peril. Besides, in sparsely populated Republican areas, where police response times are slow and the chances of drilling an innocent bystander are slim, guns make more sense for self-defense than in the cities and suburbs.
    • Idea to equalize opportunity. Which of course the Eastern liberals will never cede and isn’t libertarian, but interesting. What about high-speed Internet for more rural Red Staters? Generations ago, rural Congressmen got the AT&T monopoly to subsidize phone service for people in the country. Now, we’re increasingly close to an AT&T-Verizon duopoly over telecomm, so why not lean on the big telecomm firms to get more of Red America wired up with fast Web access so people don’t move out in frustration over being stuck with 20th-century Internet in the wide-open spaces? I hate Verizon. They’re thieves. I buy my phone service from the Germans.
    • Also, one from him for Christmas. Reality beats feminism: turns out boys and girls naturally like different toys. Wealth means more money to spend on self-actualization; the ideologues can’t bullsh*t honest little kids.
  • Modestinus: today’s post. There are few things more uninteresting than to read Christian commentary on the commercialism, materialism, and spiritual vacuousness of the so-called “Holiday Season.” Once workers had to start going in on Sundays and the Catholic Church started slashing Holy Days of Obligation from the liturgical calendar in order to meet the economic “demands of the time,” the public expulsion of the Holy Family from the cave was just around the corner. The intramundane god that people — even, sadly, some Christians — long for is the god who rains down iPads and condoms from the sky while assuring an ever longer, ever more pleasant and entertaining, time in this world. Poverty isn’t in itself holy but yes.
  • From RR:
  • Christmas for me and Donna: la Festa dei Sette Pesci (the Feast of Settling Things Like Joe Pesci*), enjoying the implicitly Christian, not preachy folklore of Kitschmas (as Michael Lawrence has called it) with nephews, nieces and gifts, and of course High or Sung Mass, the faith’s No. 1 feast (even though Easter’s officially bigger), the natural winterfest (warmth, light and food to beat the season) now celebrating the miracle of God made man (and Mary the Mother of God). Putting some dollar bills by the Bambino at the Presepio; I’ve got lots to thank him for, and even though most of my religious practice’s high but tame (much of which a Missouri Synod Lutheran or Bob Hart Anglican would have no problem with, even though in church it happens to be in Latin), Sometimes It’s Just Fun to Scare Protestants.™ Buon Natale!
*A.k.a. ‘We’re not fighting; we’re Italian and this is how we talk.’


  1. 1. Malls---->good riddance. Over-priced. Besides, the parking situation sucks royally!

    2. Gun ownership wars---->With "Sheriff" Joe in charge of the Obama Administration's response, you can be sure the road to gun ownership vs. gun control will be paved with huge quantities of Malarky.

    3. . . . the Feast of Settling Things Like Joe Pesci*---->the good secular aspects of Christmas are food and family get-togethers. Same with "good" office parties, etc., around this time of year. Should in no way impede the spiritual and liturgical practices that involve the prayers of the season.

    Sad Christmas for us this year. Our beloved pooch (age 15) passed away on 13-Dec and I have an elderly (age 79 or 80) friend and ham radio Elmer (a mentor) who is in hospital and whose survival is problematical at this point. Please pray for Frank. God will take care of the rest. Thanks. And of course that awful shooting in Connecticut casts a dark shadow over secular celebrations.

  2. The meal originally was for the Catholic vigil of the holy day.

    A mutual friend told me about the dog. Condolences.

  3. Anonymous9:33 pm

    No, poverty isn't in itself holy; but neither, for that matter, are iPads and condoms.


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