Sunday, December 09, 2012

What the Independence Hall Tea Party is up to

Dear Members and Friends,

During this Christmas season, we pause to remember and honor the brave American soldiers who fought for our freedoms but no longer walk among us.

The laying of wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery, a tradition that began with Maine businessman Morrill Worcester in 1992, has spread to every state in the union. This national project is sponsored by Wreaths Across America.

In the tri-state region, there are over twenty Wreath Laying Ceremonies being held next Saturday, December 15, at 12 noon.

Please take your children or grandchildren as this is a wonderful learning experience.

Visit for more information, locations, or to sponsor a wreath to be laid on the grave of an American soldier.

Of course this is in itself fine. That’s my point here: who doesn’t support this? I’m not saying don’t do it but if you’re really about a revolution (like my guy), including a conservative fightback, you won’t settle for displays of civic religion President Obama would do! That and their general pro-war (not to be confused with pro-military, which I am) view. If they really think this is a culture-wars conservative statement their perception is about 40 years out of date. Back then the New Left were putting down our military claiming to be for peace but they really weren’t; they were com-symps* who wanted our side to lose and to take over the country, and once you run the government you control the military (which isn’t really conservative; it’s supposed to do only what civilian officials tell it to). So they’re fine with war, as long as they’re doing it. (Americans don’t care about these brush fires because there’s no draft, so they go on for a decade and Obama literally gets away with murder, just like the administration before him.)

I gave this Tea Party a chance about two years ago, going to a downtown rally. Sorry but it’s nothing but a front for the mainstream GOP, just like leftist Seth MacFarlane made fun of (on ‘Family Guy’ as part of a statist story line, the local Tea Party was headed by the local bad-guy millionaire** slumming in disguise).

Other libertarians and I have tried to do more. About a year ago I went to Occupy Philly, where other libertarians had set up shop trying to evangelize, and got ‘Ron Paul’s a fascist!’ yelled in my face for my trouble. (Smirking Willy Wonka meme: So tell me how laissez faire and de facto government control of the economy are related. Of course with such people ‘fascist’ is just a slur for ‘conservative’.) It reminded me of George Harrison’s description of 1967 Haight-Ashbury as Skid Row. An expected mix of slumming rich kids***, Commie leftovers and vagrants. (Sailer: the Summer of Love broke up when the ghetto swooped in on the party. For all its trappings of exoticism it was as Germanic as Volvo, with roots in 19th-century Romanticism.****)

*Well, that gives them too much credit. The com-symps were leading a lot of spoiled rich kids who wanted to party, either directly on Daddy’s dime or indirectly through the government.

**Standard, true, conservative line: such really do more good, creating real jobs and real wealth for others, than any government program.

***Lefty nostalgia’s creepy and exists for the wrong reasons of course; they love FDR’s statism including the draft and American interference in WWII. Why on earth were we helping the Soviets win? That said, I love the Greatest Generation who really wanted to save our country and I would rather be in the company of that crew in uniform (Donna’s family has a home movie from 1945 of their Brooklyn street with soldiers and sailors on it; Italians were the biggest ethnic group in the services, which is why every war movie had a Tony in it), having a beer and listening to Glenn Miller, than the now-gone Occupy one.

****Chesterton: The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected. And: the reformer is right about what’s wrong but wrong about what’s right.

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