Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday: back to green, Pope facts, and against feminism

  • Mass: Omnis terra adoret te, Deus, et psallat tibi. The first noticeable fading out of Christmas as we switch back to liturgical green.
  • Also, the Chair of Unity Octave’s under way. Today, of course of interest to Anglo-Catholic alumni, the intention is the submission of Anglicans, which of course mostly won’t happen. The ordinariates, a few thousand people, are as far as it’ll go: the real would-be Catholics who meant it all are now on board. All I can say is of course everybody should come into the church, the way is example and gentle persuasion, the Anglicans have the right to govern themselves so it’s none of my business, and I thank them, because as liberal as they are, they kept high church in the bad old days after Vatican II when the church mostly wanted nothing to do with it, which is starting to change under Pope Benedict. By the way, the Octave started as Anglo-Papalist, among a very few Episcopalians who converted in 1909 after the Episcopalians voted to allow other Protestant ministers to preach in their churches.
  • Given the Octave’s original name, it might be worth repeating a few things about the Pope. We’re not the cult of one man other than Christ. The doctrine is about his office (the symbolic chair), not the man. It’s a subset of church infallibility. He’s just a custodian of the faith, not its master. Living traditionally in the church, ordinary custom is more important; the Pope’s a rather distant figure, which is fine.
  • From The Woman and the Dragon: entitled attitude, loose morals.
  • From Takimag: women, work and freedom.

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