Wednesday, January 02, 2013

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  • Gangster Squad.
  • The Mail: Britain always right to be wary of the EU.
  • Victor Davis Hanson: 2013: Welcome to very, very scary times. I think it is instructive of their goals that they are attacking both the First and Second Amendments at the same time and that their aim at the latter is specifically those firearms most useful to a militia. And then we have the piece in the NY Times suggesting we abandon the Constitution altogether. These folks are downright frightening.
  • From
  • From LRC:
  • Is Cracked slipping? I don’t read The Onion anymore because I’m not on their side of the white class war (lefty snobs putting down proles). Cracked was better: non-putdown valuable history lessons (such as how Tesla deserves credit for inventions Edison and, if I recall rightly, Marconi stole) and news of the weird; original thought. Like LRC debunking Lincoln and FDR. But I’m seeing a few more Onion-like editorials. (References to a post-Sixties pop culture I sometimes notice but don’t follow I just ignore. Like video games. Angry Birds? What is that, like pinball?) Even when they’re putting down movement conservatives I don’t agree with either (like when the SWPLs attacked Sarah Palin), my guard goes up.
  • From Takimag: Jim Goad vs. PC. Whereas PC was still somewhat a fringe phenom in the 1990s, it has become the very fabric of our dying civilization. It is now so pervasive and dominant that it only seems invisible. It has metastasized into the popular narrative and continues expanding with no end in sight. Of course. It’s the Christian heresy that’s replaced the church, so concern trolling/manufactured outrage is being holier than thou/the new pharisees.
  • From KN@PPSTER: left vs. right anarchists: tempest in a teapot? Interesting. Thomas Knapp’s RR is my No. 1 source for news stories and editorials but I get the problem of left-libertarianism, a hatred of any traditional order. (Do your own thing = every man for himself. That said, if they’re really libertarians and not leftists, we can make a deal and get along.) Better Burke and Mark in Spokane’s Catholic ordered liberty. Bourgeois libertarian? (Why some more libertarian than thou rejected the culturally conservative Ron Paul.) Thank you.
  • From RR:
    • Time to hoard 75-watt bulbs. Rather than get expensive government-pushed bulbs full of poisonous mercury.
    • Congress kicks the can. The government serves itself; it doesn’t care about you. More.
    • Unequal protection. If one person must pay income taxes of 50% or more on earnings of $1million while another person is required to pay 20% on earnings of $100,000, that amounts to a denial of equal protection of the law as the former must pay half of his income to the government while the latter must pay only one fifth.
  • From Joshua: again and again it is clear that the intent of the US-supported rebels is to target for genocide the Christian community in Syria — a Christian community that had been living side by side with Muslims in Syria for centuries.


  1. Thank you for the kind shout-out! Much appreciated!

  2. And this is why I'm rapidly concluding I just need to put my head in the sand. There's no way out. There's no way to win. My family is completely screwed at this point. *shrug*

    I can either get bent out of shape or try my best to ignore how bad things are.

  3. One of my high school teachers was the son of Cossacks who narrowly avoided forced repatriation back to the USSR at the hand of allied forces. Nowadays, Roosevelt apologists shrug off aid to the USSR as a matter of unfortunate military necessity, an "enemy of my enemy" deal, but it's pretty clear that President Roosevelt and his cronies* were positively enthusiastic about giving Stalin everything he wanted, and more besides. FDR's adulation for Stalin was almost as slavish as Stalin's pre-war man-crush on Hitler, another fact that has vanished down the WWII memory hole. Note how most Left-wing anti-war organizations disintegrated the day after Hitler invaded Russia, and re-formed as pro-war organizations with the exact same membership list, making June of 1941 a lot like November of 2008.

    *Most of whom were still enjoying high-powered government jobs when "paranoid" Joe McCarthy started asking awkward questions about their past activities.


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