Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's links

  • From TAC:
    • Why ‘Cops’ is problematic. I like the police (Philly cops are heroes who handle real problems, and it’s good to see our town squad cars literally guarding the entry roads from West Philly in the middle of the night) but yes. Like with the fictional ‘Law & Order’, watching them push people around. ‘Dragnet’ (see the great L.A. Confidential on its origin) minus the cost of actors; interesting true stories (public domain and thus free). PR for the force, which, like the military with which it naturally crosses over (nothing in itself wrong with that), is not really conservative. It ‘enforces the law’, which is whatever the state says. By the way, the theme to ‘Adam-12’ is one of the best.
    • Via Joshua: better Jeffersonians than Jefferson. Is there a conservative tradition in America?
    • Larison: Obama isn’t a foreign-policy realist but his administration takes realist refugees from the GOP.
  • Huw on questioning your own assumptions. Concupiscence and all that. By grace there’s a golden mean between going along with the herd’s assumptions and overthinking yourself to a grinding halt.


  1. Regardless of the real truth out there, unfortunately, Political Conservatism, is perceived as a White Man's ideology. Yes, I know there are White women who are conservative and there are African-American conservatives (e.g., Thomas Sowell). Being "White" is now politically incorrect in the mass media unless perhaps you are gay. So now being conservative politically is a secular mortal sin . . . or so I perceive this!

  2. Reading that article on "COPS" reminded me of one more reason why I'm glad I never took my parents' suggestion to become a policeman- the last thing I needed was a job that afforded me ample opportunity to give vent to my natural misanthropy. I deal with lazy, self-absorbed, obnoxious people all the time in the business world, but because we need their money, I have to at least pretend to be pleasant to them... which markedly improves the way I treat the handful of people I really do like. Score one more for the private sector.


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