Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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  1. Tomasz1:39 pm

    I never understood why religion is banned in American schools. Most countries in Europe allow for religious instruction in public schools.

  2. Right. I think that European way, of voluntary religious instruction in school according to the family's faith, would be fine under the Constitution. If I recall rightly, some public schools — in conservative parts of the country? — have something similar, maybe not on school time but letting a religion use school grounds.

    I read somewhere that 100 years ago in practice American schools taught a kind of Protestantism, maybe unobjectionable and generic, but in principle enough for Catholics to start our own schools. Catholic schools now use the public schools' buses, right? (That's another can of worms: once you get state money, you're not free.) How's that different from optional religion classes in school? Maybe the hostility to the latter's just a normal evolution of that Protestantism, from the relatively conservative kind 100 years ago, jumping over the liberal mainline, to secularist political correctness (a Christian heresy as I like to say).


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