Thursday, January 17, 2013

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  1. First, reversing Roe wouldn't make any abortions illegal. It would simply return the issue to the States, where each State would be able to craft whatever laws it wanted regarding that barbaric practice. Some states, like California and (sadly) my own native Washington State would likely permit abortion on demand with virtually no limitations. Other States, like neighboring Idaho for example, would probably outlaw abortion with a few exceptions for legitimate health reasons.

    Second, illegal immigrants are, by definition, not law-abiding. I agree with the idea that we should have liberal (in the classic sense of that term) immigration laws, but when people violate our laws they should not be rewarded for it. People who come here legally -- welcome to America! People who come her illegally are criminals who are undermining the social fabric of our nation and need to be escorted out of the country and banned from returning.

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  3. "Individual liberty comes first. Want to work and do no harm? Welcome."

    Right. Because that's all a country is after all, a place to work.


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