Saturday, January 26, 2013

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  • From Takimag: Uncle Sam, give us your guns.
  • From The Woman and the Dragon: the peril of pedestalizing little girls. Tricky for well-meaning conservative men. Interesting how both her conservative Protestantism and the sex tourism of the Roissys teach the same natural law and truth about the fallenness of human nature. And how the sister organization of the Boy Scouts isn’t what you think but the American Heritage Girls, new to me. The BSA’s considered conservative; the Girl Scouts are very liberal (a Christian heresy understandably appealing to the nurturing sex?). Anyway, conservative men have a balancing act. Women are reproductively more valuable as Roissy explains so some chivalry’s natural, meet and right. Trouble is, as Sunshine Mary and Roissy agree, women, like men, have fallen natures, so too much of that and you end up with spoiled little girls. Throw in feminism (misguided charity appealing to the Christian value of justice, but really entitlement on steroids) and you get some toxic people. The white knights end up ill used.
  • From TAC:
    • The well-tempered anarchist. I give anarchists a listen but of course believe in ordered liberty, fighting abuses of authority but acknowledging the reality of authority and duty as well as rights. Left-libertarianism strikes me too often as selfishness plus daddy issues. So a bourgeois libertarian I seem to be.
    • The geographical aristocracy of meritocracy. Naturally the big city’s drawn away small-town talent but it’s gotten worse.
    • The problem with ‘nation-building’ at home. The illusory peace dividend. I think Ron Paul has some leeway with this: use the money saved from pulling out abroad to ease people off welfare.
    • Ivy League: Asians as the new Jews; Jews as the new WASPs.
    • Bushism killed Reaganism. Or it amped up the worst of it. The Iraq war. Reagan had the sense not to escalate in Lebanon. Not so these neocons.
    • See, it’s the namby-pambies who create the fundies to a large degree. A lack of seriousness and rigor in one group breeds a perverted form of rigor in another. Modernist Catholics, mainline Protestants -> online Orthodox.
  • Women in combat:
  • On disgraced sports heroes: don’t rewrite history.


  1. TraditionalFrog9:07 am

    The sister organization of the BSA is not the American Heritage Girls. They were formed way later. It's the GSA. Yes, they have gone liberal, but like that or not, they are the BSA sister organization. I did an extensive history of scouting years ago (as a scout), that took much time and extensive research. I'd like to see or know the source(s)where you are getting that from.

  2. Traditional Frog,
    Can you share any of your resources? I'd like to be able to have some facts when I tell my wife that the GSA isn't in line with our traditional Christian beliefs.

  3. Anonymous12:31 pm

    I consider my girls being in GSA to be about the same as being Episcopalian: fine when they're very young, but get out and into something saner before the lesbian priest / troop leader teaches them that abortion is a blessing.

  4. Anonymous12:01 am

    Traditional Frog is misinformed. There is no official relationship between the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of America.

    Many parents with traditional Christian values will not allow their daughters to participate in GSA because of their affiliation with Planned Parenthood:

    However, BSA is partnered with the American Heritage Girls. From their website:

    "American Heritage Girls and Boy Scouts of America signed a Memorandum of Mutual Support in June 2009. This is historic in nature as it is the first MMS presented to an all girls’ organization in the one hundred year history of the BSA. BSA recognizes the desire of lending aid to and support to the citizenship, character development and personal fitness of boys and young men and women through youth character development programs such as AHG. Through the AHG program, girls are enriched physically, mentally and spiritually through a diverse range of badge activities, community service projects, camping and outdoor program. Both BSA and AHG have decided to work with each other to establish a positive relationship as well as to cooperate in establishing AHG Troops and BSA units as a result of the shared values and goals of both organizations."

    Our five daughters participate in AHG, and we are pleased with it. The only problem has been that we joined up with an existing Boy Scout troop, and we feel this has been detrimental for the boys, who ought to have an all-male space.

    - sunshinemary

  5. The GSUSA (not the GSA, by the way; their full name is "Girl Scouts of the USA") is not now and never was the sister organization of the BSA. Decades ago the BSA considered the Campfire Girls their sister organization. Now, of course, the Campfire Girls are no more (it's a coed organization called "Campfire USA" now). I don't know whether I would call the AHG the BSA's sister organization though.

    Anyway, the BSA is not really conservative; I think they are considered so solely on the basis of excluding open, avowed homosexuals from membership. But the rank and file aren't necessarily conservative at all, and I would not expect the BSA's ban on homosexuals to last much longer. Eventually the younger folk who are dissatisfied with the ban will be running the show, and the ban will go away. That is not to say that there aren't many conservatives and good people in the BSA -- there are.

    Personally, I think the European scouting model is better ... rather than have a one-size-fits-all approach like the BSA, there are separate organizations for Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, etc., sometimes federated at the national level, sometimes not.


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