Thursday, January 03, 2013

Today's links

  • Ordinariate: half of the Wantage nuns are now in the church. Renamed the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary (because the Anglican community still exists). Great to see: their habit’s traditional again. Like the American All Saints Sisters of the Poor, who always kept their old habit, almost all of whom came into the church and are now an order of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. ‘Penguins’, now what they were long taken to be. Also great to see the fiddlebacks. All part of Pope Benedict’s plan. With the mitre and crosier is Mgr Newton, the ordinary. Like bishops, the highest-ranking monsignori have them. ‘Anglicans have nuns?!’ Very few; part of 19th-century high-church people’s emulation of Catholicism. I remember the Oxford Oratory when it was St Aloysius.
  • Also in England, the church’s changing of the guard. Pope Benedict’s cleaning house. Their liberals, what Damian Thompson calls ‘the magic circle’, are losing a London church and ‘gay Masses’ there, to the ordinariate. Some understandable gay sour grapes (but hey, they know what the church teaches): ‘one group of old queens for another’. (Most Anglo-Catholics are gay men.) Lesson: if it’s true, it shows the church doesn’t care about your orientation. Same morals for all. The ordinariate follows the church on morals. Many of Philly’s Tridentine ACs are now in the church, not in the ordinariate (they’re not interested in the Book of Common Prayer even in its American Missal form) but a parish like mine. (Our AC alumni are from Good Shepherd, Rosemont.)
  • Our Mass as Rite I. Moving up from near-oblivion in the official church as recently as 15 years ago.
  • From Orthodox England: new world disorder.
  • On that note, Fr C’s pictorial. The church in France is dead. Except the small trad minority.
  • Part of what killed it. From Hilary: why, despite Benedict’s dogged (and frankly embarrassing and tiresome) persistence on the subject, The Council’s star is inevitably waning.
  • From Roissy: science proves game works. God-given human nature even when fallen; the natural law. Game’s a tool, not a religion.


  1. "Except the small trad minority" - they're slowly declining too.

  2. Thinking more about the Rites I and II comparison, the traditional Mass is like the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and its unofficial catholicized versions such as the American Missal (the 1928 Communion service fitted into the structure of the Tridentine Mass), the Episcopal Church's 'pre-Vatican II' services, actually banned in at least some dioceses after the change in 1979, rather like the traditional Mass in much of the Catholic Church until recently. (I think they need the bishop's permission to use that, just like the Tridentine Mass in most of the Catholic Church from 1984 until 2007.) Rite I is like the 'reform of the reform' conservative Catholics who high-churchify the Novus Ordo so it resembles the traditional Mass, something you probably saw a little more of before Pope Benedict lifted all the restrictions on the Tridentine Mass more than five years ago. But with different intentions? Reform-of-the-reform Catholics are conservative. I think the writers of Rite I were liberals trying to get conservatives on board with their program by disguising the new service as almost like the old. Some trads suspect the reform of the reform of being a con like that.


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