Wednesday, January 09, 2013

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  1. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Signs of the cross at the consecration are, indeed, devotional in nature and rarely ever done in the Catholic Church in the US. However, there is nothing wrong with doing it, and one does not make oneself more "conspicuous" doing so than a layperson who uses the "orans" posture during the proper preface or a thousand other things I see in the pews. While certainly many Anglo-Catholics saw these devotionals as (wrongly) a form of "correctness," that does not make the opposite true, as JB says in one of his many anti-Ordinariate posts.

  2. I routinely cross myself just after receiving Holy Communion. I don't recall when I picked up this practice, but it was not when I was a child making my First Holy Communion or thereafter.

    RE: Modern Gnosticism, Mark Shea's Comments & and Modern Anti-Catholic bigotry

    There are a few but prominent members of my ham radio club who are virulently anti-Catholic. With one exception (who has some sort of a Catholic background, I think), they are godless, unChurched, and militantly atheistic. These are old fogies like me and are military veterans. One in particular, a 70 year old retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant, is hatefully against all religion (then how come he limits his tirades to the Catholic Church?), but his complaints are IMHO more about the failures of his private life going back to his childhood as best as I can tell), the details of which not important just now.

    The problem is that these people are not amenable to non-emotional, non-polemical, and logical discussion in which an apologist might engage (I am not much of an apologist myself; not temperamentally suited to the job; I get my "back up" too easily). And they are all prone to using the current anti-Catholic shibboleths about everything--birth control, abortion on demand, women priests, gays and gay marriage, etc.--wholely uncritically. You would think they were arrogant, empty-headed teenagers if you weren't looking at their senior citizen bodies or listening to their old men's voices. They consider ALL (American) Catholic bishops to be throwback, right wing ideologues. Funny thing is I tend to look on American Catholic bishops to be largely unrepentant liberal Democrats! Imagine Cardinal Mahony being considered a dyed in the wool right winger????!!!!

  3. "The Good in Goth.."

    I bought an almost life-size plastic skull before Halloween; I keep it on my desk, memento mori style. It's a useful motivator when I feel like goofing off instead of doing my job- "What if this were the last thing I ever did in my life?"


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