Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stormchaser tornado video and more

  • Hattiesburg, Miss. tornado. On a Sunday afternoon out of season. EF3 scary wedge tornado, a weaker lookalike of the killer Joplin, Mo. one. 63 hurt but none killed.
  • From Cracked: famous things from history that didn’t exist.
  • From LRC: currency wars will succeed in destroying paper money.
  • From RR: so you want to cut spending.
  • From Ad Orientem: the Norks’ nukes. Horrible little state but nukes are a necessary evil, an equalizer in world politics. Unlike people’s other equalizer, guns, a doomsday one you can’t use. Still I wish the Rosenbergs hadn’t given them to the Reds and that we hadn’t nuked cities (targeting civilians is a crime). (The Catholic reaction. Cardinal Ottaviani wanted the church to condemn nukes.)
  • Ron Paul’s still a voice crying out in the wilderness: beware the consequences of pre-emptive war.
  • From TAC:
  • From the Anti-Gnostic: human biodiversity.
  • From Karen De Coster: Defense contractor Raytheon has developed software that tracks people online through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT) software uses location data embedded in photographs and other Internet postings to track users’ movements and personal activities, according to Brian Urch, Raytheon’s principal investigator.
  • One of Steve Sailer’s and the Anti-Gnostic’s themes is that under the guise of the values of justice and charity (tolerance, diversity, etc., the Christian heresy of PC), actually a class war between whites, things are really now more unequal and unfair as the top classes pull away from and shut out the proles. I don’t follow mainstream pop (but there are songs I like now and then) but Sailer notices that the British version isn’t dominated by working-class heroes anymore (Adele’s the exception) but the well-off and privately schooled. There was always Cliff Richard, who never made it here. Back in the day, a lot like here, the working-class boys went to clubs in suits; the hippies were slumming rich kids. More.
  • Thought of another Sailerian theme, ‘diversity before diversity’ or the golden era was actually more so than now, when I saw a double feature of Bill Haley and other stars, Rock Around the Clock and Don’t Knock the Rock. A musical sweet spot of mine, a continuation of swing and boogie-woogie. Basically the movies were selling records by promoting this wholesome fun as sexy and dangerous. (‘Buy this, kids; your parents hate it!’ Really only a jump removed from what people were already jitterbugging to for 10-15 years.) Anyway, one of the acts I like in the first is a classic ‘Latin’ one, Tony Martinez and his combo, bongos, lyrics in Spanish and all.


  1. Re: Commie nukes

    The Russians would have developed a nuke even without spying on U.S. nuclear weapons development. May have taken a few extra years, but not all that many extra years. Russians have first rate physicists too.

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  3. In addition, while the Rosenberg's were the highest-profile case, they were hardly key players and had only limited knowledge of the technology. The key mole in the Manhattan Project was the physicist Klaus Fuchs.


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