Saturday, February 16, 2013

The art of being free


  1. The Bush family is moderate to slightly left of center. Remember the Bush criticism of Presidential Candidate Reagan's "vodoo economics?" Not saying that Reagan's economic plan was so good. Reagan talked conservative but spent taxpayer dollars like a Democrat.

  2. Re: Dresden

    On war crimes--a war crime is only a crime, war or otherwise, if your side loses the war.

    on: "How I remained a sane person through all this I don't know."

    I don't know either. It is my perception that PTSD is the result of basically decent folks going through a horrific experience--e.g., war, being raped, being (violently) mugged, surviving a violent tornado that kills family/friends and or injures them and you, etc. Sociopaths in my opinion do not routinely suffer from PTSD. I suspect that there are sociopaths in the U.S. military--there always have been including in our larger society--and they come through the violent experience of war just fine (i.e., with their sociopathology intact and fully functional).


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