Friday, February 01, 2013

Today's links and announcement

  • From Mark in Spokane:
  • From Ethics Forum: scientism’s irrational attack on religion.
  • From RR: Obama’s not interested in civil liberties. He’s interested in being president and the left’s about power over you and me.
  • Candlemas in South Philly. John Boyden announces:
    St. Paul's parish at 10th and Christian Streets in Philadelphia will be celebrating the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas) with a Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Saturday, February 2nd at 12 noon. The traditional blessing and distribution of candles and procession will take place during the Mass.

    St. Paul's choir will perform the Missa de Beata Virgine by Renaissance composer Cristóbal de Morales (1500-1553). The proper of the Mass will be in Gregorian chant.

    Following the Mass all are invited to attend a buffet lunch sponsored by the parish in the rectory.

    Free parking is available in the lot directly across the street from the church.

    The traditional Latin Mass is offered at St. Paul's every Sunday at noon.


  1. Thanks for the links! Much appreciated as always. Did you see the post I did on the recordings of Frank Meyer and Richard Weaver talking about political theory? Fascinating stuff, which tends to support Nisbet's thesis in the "Uneasy Cousins" piece. Anyway, thanks so much for the lnks!

    1. Yes, thanks. I haven't listened to them yet.


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