Monday, February 04, 2013

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  • From RR:
  • From Cracked: 33 facts about famous people.
  • Socialized medicine: UK: thousands of NHS staff admit they wouldn’t want their families treated in their own hospitals because care is so poor.
  • Libertarianism 101: 10 things.
  • From LRC: Stalin’s secret agents in Roosevelt’s government.
  • From Takimag: myth of the effeminate poet.
  • From Daniel Nichols: peace martyrs (sort of an American Indian version of Shenandoah) and: Life is full of surprises, and so is grace. We must, it seems, be slow to conclude anything about anyone based upon what we can see, for only God knows the heart. The inner life is a great mystery; today's sinner may well be tomorrow's martyr, while the righteous may be heading for a fall.
  • From Rod Dreher: ecumenism. Answering this.

    Of course I see the bitter irony that well could be due to Modernists in the official church. That said, born non-Catholics justly get the benefit of the doubt; the SSPX hasn’t been re-regularized (yet; yes, it was founded in the official church). So this predicament is exactly because the SSPX are Catholics being censured. The non-Catholics go scot-free. And yes, sharing churches looks like indifferentism. And a kind of ecumenism 40-50 years out of date, from when many Catholics and mainliners thought union was about to happen.

    Orthodoxy and Catholicism are on parallel tracks; two one-true-church claims. (Catholics should dump the Vatican II liturgical changes and learn from Orthodoxy’s folk traditionalism.) Union means one side would have to give in. The much larger Catholic Church won’t; at most from the Orthodox you’d get another split/more Greek Catholics and a smaller Orthodox Church. Forget the mainliners: fallible, fungible church (they can vote themselves Unitarian, out of Christianity) that doesn’t really want to come back. (Their excuse for leaving Catholicism was they claimed the Pope claimed too much power; now they claim more power than the Pope, by ordaining women and being homosexualist… their version of a one-true-church claim?) We’ve gone as far as we can with ecumenism: the sides pretty much know what the others really teach and are no longer trying to kill each other.

    The Episcopalians have the right to govern themselves, including defending and selling their property, so they had the legal right to do what they did in Binghamton, selling a church to Muslims instead of to former members. But they were jerks there.

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  1. Re: The myth of the effeminate poet

    For years, I was confused by the accusations that countless lantern-jawed icons of masculinity (Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, etc.) were secret homosexuals (despite their copiously documented affairs and marriages with beautiful women). It was Roissy, I think, who finally explained what should have been obvious- that these rumors are a result of gay male fantasies about the celebrities in question. Steve Sailer did another series on the same thing, specifically about professional athletes, noting that such rumors rarely spread about unattractive or unmasculine men, even those for whom the circumstantial evidence may be fairly strong.

    It's easy to dismiss this kind of rumor-mongering as harmless, if you aren't one of the targets, but it's really a damning indictment of what habitual indulgence of a sin can do to a person's character and rational faculties. I saw this firsthand once in a conversation with an eccentric member of Ireland's old Protestant landed gentry, who had been well-educated enough (I think he may have trained for the religious life in some capacity, coming from a very High-Church background) to know the multitudinous reasons Christianity has traditionally condemned homosexuality. Rather than give up his vices, he salved his conscience by endorsing a deranged conspiracy theory, maintaining that nearly all men throughout all of human history preferred homosexual to heterosexual relations, until a bizarre desert mystery cult got together with the nascent modern state to encourage people to breed more cannon fodder and warm bodies to fill the pews. No matter how much I tried to change the subject, he always managed to come back to the topic of sodomy. It reminded me of serious potheads I have known, who do nothing with their spare time but discuss the marijuana they've smoked recently and their plans to smoke more of it.


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