Friday, February 22, 2013

Ways to cut military spending


  1. "Smart people psych themselves out by overthinking for example."

    As a I always say to those who call themselves "stupid", "If you were really stupid, you'd be too stupid to know it. Only smart people are keenly aware of their intellectual deficiencies". One woman I know is a classic case- always berating herself over her mistakes, loudly proclaiming her own boundless idiocy. When the subject of our old SAT scores came up one day, though, I realized she had a likely IQ of about 132 (which is something like the 98th percentile). I've had to deal with a lot of genuinely low-IQ people over the years, and in general (there are exceptions, of course), nobody is more confident of always being correct than someone on the left half of the bell curve. This is probably a sensible strategy- if you aren't very bright, being pushy and stubborn is a good way to keep smarter people from trying to cheat you.

  2. Sybok7:31 pm

    cancel the F-35, new builds of current aircraft can do the job just as well if not better, especially in the payload and fuel economy category

    1. Agreed. Cancel the F-22 also. Too expensive. The F-15E Strike Eagle is still a technologically robust front line deep interdiction fighter that can continue to serve until the first generation of pilotless attack aircraft (successors to RPVs) are put in service. The Navy's Super Hornet (F-18) can do for the Navy and USMC almost everything that the F-35 STOL version can do. The Navy already has a prototype pilotless aircraft that is post-RPV technologically but still an early version of what might be a pilotless aircraft for aircraft carrier flight operations.


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