Monday, March 25, 2013

On Christians in politics again

  • For Holy Week from Gerry Lynch: do we really need more Christians in politics? He’s different from me; he’s Irish, gay and a Catholic-turned-Anglican. But he’s high-church, and not long after I discovered and adopted the term young fogey I found he was blogging under that name. I use it with his blessing and he’s now blogging somewhere else. Well-written and thought-provoking. There’s the Scylla of a Christian government falling short of Christianity, which of course the left exaggerates; secularist governments are more brutal. The left wants power (such as forcing the church to shut up about abortion, pay for contraception and rewrite reality about the nature of marriage; by the way, until last century all other Christians agreed with the church on those) so they try to get the Charybdis (to us) of a weak church, using arguments about Christian humility, etc., if they’re smart. (Political correctness is Christian ethics minus Christ.) You already know my answer. The church is apolitical. Monarchy, dictatorship, republic; it’s all good. With libertarianism, the freedom of religion our WASP hosts in America came up with, Catholics on one side and liberals like Lynch on the other can all get along, if the left forgoes the power grabs too.
  • From LRC: Catholic third-wayism: the appealing Dorothy Day. A great lady of the left who didn’t fit into any American political camp. Socially right and economically left seems attractive.
  • From RR: toward a really social safety net. Social programs administered by government are a weak and alienating substitute for the grassroots, working-class institutions of mutual aid, labor solidarity and fighting unions that they were largely designed to crowd out, replace, or domesticate. Grassroots social movements aimed to provide relief and person-to-person solidarity by creating alternative institutions that would be in the hands of workers themselves, so that they could better take control of the conditions of their own lives and labor. Good points and sounds like Dorothy Day, but... no to class war (actually our class war is between the elite leftist whites and prole whites, our Tutsis and Hutus as Derb says), the market is science, and... Mark in Spokane’s ordered liberty. I’m a conservative, as were the socially conservative Catholics who were unions and the old Democratic Party in the American Northeast.
  • Steve Sailer on antitrust laws.
  • From Cracked: natural-disaster myths. I’ve been a weather bug since living in tornado country (never saw one) briefly as a kid.
  • Another new old watch. Helbros Invincible.

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