Sunday, March 10, 2013

Photos: Millville Army Air Field

Follow that car.

The Millville Army Air Field Museum. The Millville Airport opened right before America got into the war. The base, used for training, closed in late 1945. The old military HQ building fell into ruin until the museum started about 25 years ago, moved in and renovated it. A big collection of local vets’ memorabilia (lots of uniforms), an amazing huge collection of model planes, some gear, wonderful big-band music playing, and this C-47 nose and A-4 Skyhawk.

The main plane here during the war was the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, an ungainly-looking but rugged fighter that could take a lot of machine-gun hits. (Republic Aviation’s founder was Russian, a pilot in the tsarist navy who became a reservist major. I wonder how he felt about the USSR winning the war.)

Here’s its big Pratt & Whitney radial engine, also used in the Navy’s Corsair and other planes.

The New Berlin Diner, a real local hangout.

Mass: Lætare, Jerusalem, et conventum facite. Twice a year in the Roman Rite, real men at the altar wear pink. It’s supposed to mean ‘lighten up a bit; Lent’s (Advent’s) half over’. Fr Brannan, the priest on our roster who is from before the council.

Quoted throughout this Mass is Psalm 122 (121):

Ruby the basenji, one of two owned by Walt at the part of Ardmart Antiques that didn’t move away. He’s around the corner in a different building; the old bowling alley that was Ardmart’s gone. Basenjis are African, famous for their crying sound instead of barking.


  1. Laetare Sunday was ignored at mass today where I go (w/i the Archdiocese of Santa Fe). The biblical readings don't even support it in the "new" Kalendar, unlike today's readings per the Missal of 1962. Too bad. The priest was too touchy feely--he even left the sanctuary during the "let's shake everybody's hand" time contrary to what the rubrics specifically state about the priest staying within the sanctuary. Too much of a showman even if well meaning. And he shook hands all the way up to the altar during the Entrance procession and then during the Recession afterwards. One major reason why the N.O.M. is defective. Lousy rubrics that are written loosely. It trusts priests to behave themselves at mass about which, of course, Pope St. Pius V knew better.

    P-47----->>> one of my favorite WWII aircraft models as a kid. Yes, rugged and because of it and its radial engine (no liquid cooled radiator to penetrate with a bullet), an excellent ground support/ground attack aircraft. It could also out climb and out dive German pursuit planes due to its huge engine! Short legs, though, so not an effective escort for bombers into Germany.

    Ruby the basenji---->>Ruby looks something like an Australian Red Heeler in his head shape and ears like my late, beloved Snoopy (who originally was supposed to be a beagle!) whom I still miss terribly.

    1. Sorry to hear the Novus Ordo dropped that. Ironic that the changes, something that supposedly celebrates community, destroy real community by wiping out Catholic culture.

      A long time ago in a New Jersey parish, a well-meaning monsignor, trained in the ’40s and sound as can be (during the worst years of AmChurch after the council, every week in the bulletin he taught the true faith), would have a sort of procession down the main aisle from the altar, with the choir-robed 'Eucharistic minister' (often a lady, natch*), exchanging the handshake of peace. He was only trying to do what he was told. That's what passed for orthopraxis in the official church in the dark years of Paul VI and John Paul the Overrated. Because Monsignor was sound, that parish, while low-church to you and me, was relatively high-church for the diocese!

      I read after seeing Saving Private Ryan (worth seeing) that the strafing fighter planes in the climactic battle should have been Thunderbolts, not Mustangs. Right, the Mustangs with fuel tanks had the legs to escort the B-17s and B-24s.

      I saw Snoopy's picture on your Facebook posts; sorry.

      *Funny how as hard as the liberals have tried to sell women's ordination that way for 40 years, in the church it's a non-issue. Catholics don't buy it; it doesn't come up. They go along with the altar girls, the ladies giving Communion and the few remaining old nuns sometimes being pastors (canonically that can happen and sometimes does) but it stops there. The Holy Spirit at work.

    2. I just looked it up in my Latin/English Novus Ordo missal with all the propers; throughout the Roman Rite it is still Lætare Sunday. Same propers as us. That place just ignored it as you say.

    3. 1. Some Churches (in N.O. land) celebrate Laetare Sunday in that the priest and deacon wear rose (really not supposed to be called "pink" IIRC! LOL ). This was true of my former parish here in the Albuquerque area.

      2. I don't think the propers are the same, John: e.g.,

      TLM: Lesson (Gal 4:22-31) & Gospel (John 6:1-15)--->>Galatians speaks of "rejoicing" IIRC.

      NOM: Year C: Reading 1 (Joshua 5:9A, 10-12), Reading 2 (2 Cor 5:17-21), & Gospel (Luke 15:1-3, 11-32)

      I prefer a one-year cycle of readings to the current three-years cycle we now have. "Three times the Sacred Scripture. One-third the understanding" as our mutual friend, Bp. Peter Robinson would say! LOL

      3. I am amused at the secular wags and their opinions on what the new Pope should do. I think they consider things such as ordination of married men, ordination of women (which they claim 66% of American Catholics support), relaxing restrictions on artificial birth control, abortion, etc. as if these are matters of merely changing Church policy (OK--married men is "policy" not doctrine, a canon law issue). Yet all the rest based on doctrine--dogmatic theology & moral theology, and thereby irreformable. Also, who said the Catholic Church is "American" anyway? God, I hope not! LOL

      4. The Mustang, even though a hot number as a ground attack fighter in addition to its pursuit role, had a liquid cooled engine. This made it relatively more vulnerable compared with the P-47 in a ground attack role, not that Mustang drivers didn't "hit the ground" so to speak when afforded the opportunity. Both were awesome aircraft and aesthetically pleasing to behold as was the British Spitfire.

      5. Thanks. Someday we may get another pooch, but not just yet.

  2. Anonymous1:50 pm

    on Basenjis - two will howl in tandem in a fashion that sounds like an air-raid horn.... notoriously difficult to housebreak...


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