Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis

As he’s unknown outside Argentina, I have little idea what to make of this. From what I’ve gathered so far, he seems like ‘John Paul III’, Novus Ordo, not high-church, but sound on doctrine and morals. I imagine he’ll be like my archbishop, a distant figure who’ll just let us trads be. We’ll see. By the way, for those who didn’t know, there are lots of Italian-Argentines.


  1. Anthony6:30 am

    As long as he doesn't try to roll back or undercut SP, which is my main fear. I wish Pope Benedict didn't retire. I already miss him.

  2. Anthony6:33 am

    Another comment: It is interesting there was speculation that they'd go back to an Italian as pope or pick a pope from South America. I guess both sides ending up being right in a way. :-)

  3. If all he's guilty of is the crime of exceptionally bad taste, then I'd say things could have been worse. Besides, at at 76 years old and with only one lung, he's unlikely to serve much longer than BXVI. I'm a little apprehensive, but I'm not going to criticize the man after only one day in office. On the plus side, his recent relations with his government have been mostly hostile, which hopefully gives him some proper perspective on Church-state relations.

    "By the way, for those who didn’t know, there are lots of Italian-Argentines."

    Argentina is probably the closest thing to a European country outside of Europe (Quebec would be another, if it were independent- whenever I visit, it reminds me of what France might have become without the revolution). Former British colonies like the United States and Australia are more distinct from the mother continent.

  4. As Cardinal, he instituted a Latin Mass in Buenos Aires within two days of Benedict's motu proprio. So, he may be more trad-friendly than you might expect.

  5. IIRC, the Italian immigrants' contribution to the Spanish language make Argentine Spanish fairly unique among Central & So. American Spanish speakers.

    I agree with Anthony. Supposedly, the Fathers of the Conclave wanted a Pope with real Pastoral experience. I think they may have elected one. Also, a short Pontificate given his age--a 2nd transitional Pope?--that may lead (hopefully) to a Pope Peter II (a 2nd Rotweiler Pope, but a militant one with real teeth!!!)????? :-)

  6. I thought of that too: both the Italians and Spanish America won.

    The posts I'm reading depict a nice but Novus Ordo bishop not interested in trads or the ordinariates, theologically sound and big on social justice. So I'm expecting benign neglect. A transitional Pope. But who knows?

    I wouldn't be surprised if Italians are the biggest minority in Argentina. I've heard that about the Europeanness and the language too. I know there used to be the cocoliche/coccoliccio hybrid language among immigrants such as Pope Francis' parents. Because Italian and Spanish are so close they'd just mix a few Spanish words into their Italian to be understood. I can see how that came about; I've heard something just like it, an Italian-speaker - American son of an immigrant - improvising that way with his Mexican workers. I've also read why Italian didn't become a dominant language in Argentina as far as I know. Could be simply that because the languages are so close, the second generation just assimilated. I read it's because of the way Italy is: not one country really but many little countries, many with their own related but different languages. Italian didn't really unite the immigrants so it might have gone away.

  7. Argentinians have been described as Italians who speak Spanish, think that they're French and want to be British.


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