Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quick three

  • From Cracked: five mistakes new parents make.
  • From MCJ: thousands of elderly Japanese-Americans rounded up for internment camp’s 70th reunion. Comment.
  • Watching the Pope-watchers: more wrong optimism about Catholic-Orthodox relations. The Greek patriarch or the top ecumenical officer of the Russian Church, the biggest Orthodox one, meeting the new Pope and saying nice things doesn’t mean anything regarding union. Catholicism and Orthodoxy are trains on parallel tracks. Same one-true-church claims, and the official Orthodox opinion (not their doctrine) is there has been no true Christianity in the West since the schism. It’s confusing. The natural Catholic opinion is they’re really the same (which is our doctrine) so why stay apart in a smaller church? Why not come on board the larger one? Of course the first answer that comes to trads’ minds is, ‘Because the Novus Ordo s*cks’. But of course the schism’s much older than our self-inflicted wound of the council. Likewise, Francis saying nice things to his guests doesn’t mean union’s around the corner. He’s not high-church including not being interested in relearning grassroots folk Catholicism from the Orthodox. He took care of the Eastern Catholics in Argentina simply because it was his job. My guess is he’s more like ’80s conservative Catholics in the official church under John Paul the Overrated: give up that artsy old-fashioned stuff and be a charismatic (which seems to be dying out). No, thanks. I’ll keep admiring your kind face, defense of doctrine, and charity from a safe distance; let’s say you don’t bother me and I won’t bother you. I think a younger version of Benedict with a 15-20-year reign would have had a better shot at persuading the Orthodox. This one’s not interested; these meetings are just standard ecumenical courtesy.


  1. Anthony7:31 pm

    Let's hope he leaves the Latin Mass alone and allows it to thrive. However, I am concerned.


  2. Ecumenism

    . . . Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew heads a very small Church in Turkey even with his traditional Primacy of Love since the Great Schism. Not much influence over re-Union even if he were interested in it.

    It would take more than a younger Pope "Rotweiler" to effect a re-Union of the two Churches who have been separated by nearly 1,000 years of history and culture.

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