Saturday, April 20, 2013

Catching up on the week’s news

  • Hooray for the Second Amendment. Defeat for misguided gun control.
  • The Boston Marathon bombing suspect is only that, a suspect. Sure, it looks very incriminating, but not only is the bombing not my tragedy (I wasn’t hurt there nor did I know anyone hurt or killed there) but this comes down to boring old due process and being presumed innocent until proven guilty, in the great system America’s founding fathers came up with to protect every person’s rights, even the despicable and/or circumstantially guilty. I still feel this was a random act and not a threat to the country; a crime, not terrorism.
  • Daniel Nichols: maybe we’ll learn from this how people feel in Third World countries we terrorize. President Obama said “Any time bombs are used to target civilians it is an act of terror.” Ahem, Mr President. Ahem. But of course the government doesn’t care about them.
  • The Pope’s Catholic. The remaining old liberal nuns aren’t. The church has two options: go after these heretics or just let them keep dying off. (One of the measures of the conciliar disaster is the disappearance of nuns from American Catholic life.) There are lots of Bad Catholics with wrong views. The church doesn’t and shouldn’t go after them. But a heretic 1) has the education to know better, 2) is in a position of authority and trust (which these ladies were), and 3) has been warned. Funny if they thought low-church, social-justice Pope Francis was their buddy. (Economically naïve third-wayer; typical European churchman.) The occupant of the Chair of Peter almost doesn’t matter (but we lost a friend and protector in Benedict the Great). The office’s power is limited to what the church infallibly teaches; the gates of hell will not prevail against Rome.


  1. RE: Letting those old lady heretics die off over time.

    Everybody focuses on the LCWS but what about the religious Orders that belong to the LCWS? What kind of spiritual damage are these religious orders doing in parishes and Catholic schools? What about apostolic visitations to these religious orders on an order by order basis? The old adage "divide and conquer" applies. Start knocking them off an order or organization at a time.

  2. Feminism in general society has caused the death of the nunnery. In Poland, we have increasing priestly vocation but the number of nuns is decreasing. Women are trying to fulfill the ideology of emancipation which demands that they give up hearth and home. Women's emancipation and the rejection of traditional female roles are at fault for this.


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