Thursday, April 11, 2013

In the non-news: even Obama can’t get away with saying some women are beautiful

I don’t think much about the man but about the real issues at hand. That said, a alpha feather in his cap is, as Steve Sailer notes, when he talks to women he’s normally not that influenced by feminism. Of course he gets a free pass while betas and prole whites don’t. Be that as it may, Kamala Harris is beautiful. It’s like that non-story of the college basketball game where the (beta?) TV cameraman understandably was taken with a player’s pretty girlfriend, so Brent Musburger filled the awkward air time by complimenting the lady. ESPN apologized, as the president did. (Musburger, as far as I know, to his credit, didn’t and even signed a poster of her.)

It’s a mad world in both the British and American senses. All kinds of perversion is pushed as normal while healthy, especially masculine, sexuality is pilloried (like the SWPLs’ Calvinist forbears?). (Unless the man’s an alpha so the SWPL chick wants him.) Rather like the hatred of Sarah Palin (as far as I know, nobody’s made a porno about a fictionalized Joe Biden), I wonder how much of the (artificial) outrage is envy.

Anyway, a conservative site’s having fun with this. As you can see, Miss Harris has competition. From the picture I think Ellen Rosenblum’s attractive.

Heard at a bar this week, and I don’t think these girls were putting on a show/patronizing me: (I literally wear my conservatism and, a libertarian, don’t campaign or preach.) A strong woman from the school of hard knocks, who is a friend, and a pretty, modernly stylish, very young one, an acquaintance, agreed they want what the evangelicals call headship (hat tip to Sunshine Mary, Roissy’s sexy, married, female counterpart whose common-sense blog alas is gone): they want their men to be men, benevolent rulers of the relationship and household who can and will protect them, and not weak ‘sensitive’ criers (they’ve had that and of course found it wanting). The young woman: [I believe in equal opportunity/fair play but] ‘feminists who go around saying they’re feminists are a little messed up’. There’s hope for our society.


  1. Re: the controversy over a man complimenting a woman for her beauty

    IMHO this represents the triumph of lesbianism in the feminist movement.

  2. Most urban feminists in large east-coast cities (I run into more than I'd like) are not prepared to actually debate their feminist principles- ad hominem attacks against their "sexist" opponents are typically an effective tactic for silencing dissent, so they don't get much experience at defending their ideas in intellectual combat.* When accused of sexism, I always try to make it clear right away that 1) I don't believe in modern sexual egalitarianism, and 2) Calling me "sexist" does not upset me in the least. This instantly takes away the only tactic feminists have for imposing their will in a social setting (in a workplace or legal setting, they have sexual-harassment regulations and divorce laws, but those are useless at a cocktail party). Since bullying doesn't work, and they know they can't win a rational debate, they'll usually change the subject to something non-controversial, and I get to enjoy a pleasant evening of conversation without needing to grovel or self-censor.

    *Women are also less naturally inclined to enjoy the cut-and-thrust of argument and debate for its own sake, which probably explains the remarkably high number of widely-read feminist bloggers who were later revealed to be men posing as women.

  3. OwenW8:30 pm

    She is attractive but she was not a very good Attorney General and an even worst DA for San Francisco. I'm glad she is getting kicked upstairs. It is also rumored that she was the mistress of a certain former Speaker of the California Assembly/mayor of San Francisco.


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