Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The blog’s on the back burner while I happily make my new life as an online ad copywriter, but I’m still here.
  • Libertarian Julie Borowski on the Boston bombing and civil-liberties violations. Innocent until proven guilty is how it’s supposed to work.
  • Cartoon via Daniel Nichols.
  • Modestinus criticizes Catholic libertarians. We’re not above criticism. Trads to my right such as the SSPX think we’re part of the problem, just like neocons and mainliners. As I wrote recently to Tripp Hudgins, does the economic liberalism (capitalism, the free market, laissez-faire, libertarianism) I believe in cause a consumeristic, cafeteria approach to religion, undermining pre-modern faith? (Or as some say, there’s the American religion, and all Americans are Protestants, even the Catholics.) I’m still trying to answer that. Again, my default answer is all politics are provisional; this isn’t doctrine; laymen are free.
  • How the mainline thinks. Mainline minister Tripp, a Southerner who’s a happy Northern Baptist, brought this up on Facebook with another ‘Christianity must change or die’ article. Or as a commenter seemed to say, ‘Hooray for me; I’ve thought and prayed long and hard in order to agree with secular culture.’ Hardly rebellious or daring. Denominations changing their teachings by vote in order to please the Dannika Nashes are hemorrhaging people. Catholics tried Dannika’s way, with the council, and lost a lot of people as a result too. Spong’s ‘Christianity must change or die’ is dead wrong. Kids don’t bother with a churchy middleman of liberal religion. Most like Dannika drop out and are politically correct (a Christian heresy, Christian ethics without Christ, Protestantism’s endgame) on their own time. The few religious kids tend to be conservative Catholics (my semi-traditionalist parish has couples in their 30s with four or more children) or evangelicals. But here’s how mainliners think. They know they’re passé: that the mainstream doesn’t need them anymore. They seem quaint to PC SWPL kids. They’re just left over from old white ethnic ties as Tripp observed (English Episcopalian, Scottish Presbyterian, Swedish Lutheran, etc. Just like many Italians aren’t Catholic because of the theology but because they’re Italian). So they think the answer is... their denominations are still too conservative! I think I understand the logic. But it still doesn’t work. Also, the mainline’s rather parasitic; it exists as an alternative in Christendom, leeching some dissenters from livelier, conservative churches. (Boomers are the last generation to habitually go to church or actively belong to a denomination, so a few liberals quit the Catholics and the evangelicals for the Episcopalians.) Where Christianity is really under siege and needs to evangelize, not so much. Because again, such societies, Britain, for example, cut out the middleman and watered-down Jesus talk, and just stay home.
  • The Wall Street Journal list of jobs from best to worst. Dead last is newspaper reporter.


  1. Oh sure, we'll survive. First, you cut back on the CBP blog, then Papa Benny retires.
    We your fans are forlorn, but we will survive.

    (rofl, hope I've laid some good Jewish Momma guilt on you)

  2. I had thought that the "new springtime of the Faith" ended when the Red Guru (finally) retired! ROFLMAO

  3. Given the choice between Catholic anarcho-libertarianism as articulated by Tom Woods and Jeff Tucker on the one hand and the current post-V2 status quo I'll try my life with the anarcho-libertarians.

    I've been reading and studying this stuff a long time and I still don't see anything that really conflicts with Catholic teaching. It does conflict with certain pet interpretations of Catholic teaching, some found on the Left and others on the Right. But that doesn't cost me any sleep.

    Capitalism, like Christianity, hasn't been tried and found wanting. It's been deemed to difficult and not tried at all.


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