Tuesday, April 09, 2013


  • Annette Funicello. Another part of the golden era gone, from Mouseketeer to sexy beach-movie star with Philly’s Frankie Avalon. She was well known to have suffered from multiple sclerosis the last 20 or so years. Probably a nice Italian Catholic girl. Requiem æternam.
  • Margaret Thatcher. As far as I know, the British version of a Cold War neocon, good and bad; their Reagan, from a similar non-aristocratic background (a harder hurdle in British society; we have social classes too but at least it used to be easier to move up). Neither old Tory (Burke’s, Kirk’s and Mark in Spokane’s ordered liberty) nor libertarian (it has roots in English culture but to the English it’s like Beowulf, foreign and barbaric; British politics like in the rest of Europe are centered well to the left of ours, including among conservative Christians, which partly explains Catholic Social Teaching™; socialism was what many well-intentioned British thought they were fighting for in the war, vs. then-Dickensian conditions). All I can think of right now are anybody the liberals hated so much had something on the ball, and the Falklands was a just war. Sure, she could have evacuated the Falklanders but why? No Argentines live there. It’s not like Northern Ireland’s dispossessed minority. They’re all British. Not our fight but she was defending her own people. Well done, ma’am.


  1. I had the privilege of lunching with her when I was younger. She was a gracious and an charming conversationalist.

    I've never understood the hatred and vitriol so frequently directed at her.

    Memory eternal!

    1. Leftists are always digging up dead corpses to piss on them. The woman had been homebound for two decades and her successors given free rein to deconstruct the place. The posts I've read, you'd think they just ousted Louis XVI.

  2. Responsio:

    1. Annette Funicello--sexy beach-movie star but not a slutty one as are most of those Hollywood bimbos of today.

    2. The Iron Lady--I had a lot of respect & admiration for her. How often does one read about a political leader's order to her naval task force commander (Adm Sandy Woodward) that is a marvel of brevity & clarity: "Take the Falkland Islands." Can you imagine a micromanaging President such as LBJ who got into our military's nickers in Vietnam and approved every bombing target on a daily basis, telling his military leaders to "just go and do it???"

    3. A pox on Anonymous

  3. One huge credit to Thatcher: Her government reduced public spending as a percentage of GDP to its lowest level in nearly 50 years. Name me any other Western leader who accomplished something like that up until the Great Crash of 2008. Reagan didn't.


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