Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring here

Low Sunday as winter faded away. Went to the early Low Novus, at my parish so as you can see it’s not so bad (if only it were eastward-facing like the former Novus Sung Mass before ours moved up to that slot from early Sunday Low). No, the church wasn’t robbed at gunpoint in the middle picture. This is the other group besides us trads who still go to Mass: charismatics, doing the orans position during the Our Father. That’s fine. I went because:

Big outdoor flea-market season is under way. By the way I’m ecumenical about church sales; if mainliners are selling ’50s stuff I’ll buy it.

Clifton Heights, Pa. Cal’s has had this ’54 Buick outside for about a year; of course I hope somebody’s saving it. Except for the ‘frown’ grille I love it.

Walt’s front has been redone with a modern metal door (for the fire code?) but from what I can tell they’re keeping the little original room’s walls where they were. But they added a side window. Plus they’re adding a big room behind the old building. We’ll see, when they reopen. But I’m still worried. The real ’50s luncheonette I’d walk to (not retro; real), with pretty good burgers, destroyed?

The original Walt’s as recently as a year ago.

Of course extreme temperature changes mean thunderstorms. The lightning last night was the creepy kind flashing almost constantly but too far away to hear. Lots of dangerous cloud-to-ground though.


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  2. So sad to see that silly horseshit happening at OLoL - the hands-waiting-for-a-dropping-baby pose at the Pater Noster. Does anyone remember when this foolishness was incorporated into the N.O.? I only noticed it about 15 to 20 years ago. (then again, I usually kept my eyes closed after the Consecration, while attending the Romper-Room N.O.)


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