Monday, April 29, 2013

'That's SAINT John Paul the Overrated to you!'

Happy news for Novus neocons: JP2 might be canonized in October. Know what? So what? Personally holy, theologically sound (the nature of the papal office renders that moot anyway; it can never err, no matter who holds it), and with a partial credit for the moral authority helping cause the fall of Communism/end of the Cold War (really the end of the war last century, which we dumb Americans helped the Reds win*). That doesn’t mean his reign was sweetness and light for trads or even conservative Novus. Heretical bishops being appointed and promoted. (Roger Mahony, of sex-scandal coverup infamy, got to be Archbishop of LA and a cardinal; please. By the way, Your Eminence, shut up.) The long coverup of the priestly underage gay sex scandal**, another self-inflicted wound along with the council that well may put the kibosh on the church as a moral force in the Anglosphere (in 1960, as a huge minority in a country already Christian that vaguely remembered Protestants were originally Catholic, we had that clout in America; we lost it; our own damn fault). False ecumenism at Assisi and the Koran incident (even to be polite, you can’t kiss that book; close to apostasy). Altar girls. As for the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre, he understandably thought there was a state of emergency in the church; I want to say he was screwed over but can’t. (Saintly doesn’t mean perfect.) JP2 didn’t fix the awful English Novus text of the time and only halfheartedly allowed our Mass (reacting to Lefebvre’s great work), slapping on stupid restrictions. Benedict the Great was what we hoped JP2 would be.

(In 1978 under Paul VI, half the parish churches in the Diocese of Rome had eastward-facing Mass; all gone under this guy. Some ‘conservative’. I don’t do his Luminous Mysteries of the rosary either.)

Anyway, all canonization means is he was personally holy and theologically fine, so we can’t object to other Catholics venerating him in church. Still overrated in my book; if you don’t like him, don’t venerate him. (And a lot of saints weren’t ‘nice’.)

*The initial reason given for the war was to free JP2’s country, which Roosevelt handed to the Reds.

**Our Protestant-turned-secular humanist host culture’s twisted thinking: priests buy into our hosts’ liberal ideas so they do something the church teaches is a sin, and it’s the church’s fault. (Public-school teachers, a liberal profession with a worse track record of molestation and coverups, get a free pass on that.) As the kids say, whatever. The Calvinists who bought Maria Monk (lurid fiction sold as fact about priests and nuns having sex with each other) and burned down our churches in the 1800s are now pushing abortion and gay marriage, and still smear our priests as pervs.


  1. Your last paragraph THE BEST !
    Excellent, John.

  2. Well Pope John Paul II isn't overrated. He is underrated. His emphasis on Eucharistic and Marian devotions was silenced by the lower clergy. His constant calling that social justice must go hand in hand by true liturgical worship was forgotten. John Paul II was a prophet who we, the Church stoned to death. If we were a tenth of that what John Paul II wanted us to be, we wouldn't be in the dire straits we're in. If we had listened to him to in the proper time, we would have suffered less in these even more dire times. Europe on the one hand is becoming more laicist and the European Union project is falling apart, war with Russia looms for NATO after the Russian navy during maneuvers entered Sweden territory.

    1. Emphasizing Eucharistic and Marian devotions while remaining low-church Novus, not solving the problem at its roots, was/is daft. A reason the charismatics' approach to this didn't make sense to me. Sure, the world would be better if more people followed the teachings of the church; nothing to do with JP2 personally. But again, he probably was personally holy. What's 'laicist'? Do you mean secularist? Seems to me Europe's anti-religious — yes, secularist — as opposed to irreligious rich American Northerners. (Politically I'm secular: fair play based on the golden rule. That's different.) I'm the kind of conservative who thinks Russia's great, for Russians. Putin's a real man and it's cool for politicians there to be Orthodox.

  3. Re: the egregious Red Guru

    I was surprised by Mark Shea's very harsh language, although I approve his language unequivocally. I don't think Apb. Gomez has the authority to discipline a Cardinal; I'm not a canon law expert, though. I want to know why Rome (as in three Popes now) have failed to shut Mahony up. I suppose we can give Papa Francesco some time to get used to the Papal Office before he gets around to the discipline of clerics including a Prince of the Church, but not too much time. Rome took way too long getting to that bastard, Maciel. Will the new Pope now drag his feet over this latest loser?


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