Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thumbs up for 'Gangster Squad'; first car show of the year

  • Gangster Squad. Tough guys in the golden era, based somewhat on a true story. Fights; the redhead in a triangle with the second-in-command and the villain; and great big-band music, art-deco architecture (LA right after the war, just like another good one, LA Confidential), cars, suits and hats. Not only is it a lot like ‘Crime Story’ (more; the unit of ruthless cops barely on the side of the law; the hero who risks everything in his life; a smart, charismatic villain); it even shares a similar character played by the same actor! (The scene outside LA’s City Hall looks like it’s copying the one outside Chicago’s Superdawg.) Time flies: Sean Penn’s grown up and a fine actor. (I like him in the early-’80s Bad Boys; the character Barry Horowitz almost steals that show.) By the way, Jackie Chan describes movie/TV violence as ballet: blanks, controlled explosions and choreography so the actors don’t really get hurt. The real John O’Mara used smarts more than brawn to take down mobster Mickey Cohen. Guess that’s not good box office, and the movie industry’s dying, an Internet casualty.
  • Showin’ Off with the Vairs. South Jersey car show in a big Protestant church’s lot. (‘Big’ + ‘Protestant’ = conservative/evangelical. Worthy opponent.) Looking at the engine, the Christine-like model looks like a ’57 Plymouth Belvedere. Christine’s supposed to be a ’58 Fury; the lookalike Belvedere and the little Savoy came in red like her but the name Fury sounds cooler; the Fury came only in cream with gold trim. The ’62 Olds is for sale but I’ll hold out for a ’60 Chevy Impala or Biscayne.


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  2. I like the dice! LOL

  3. This movie we saw was awesome and it was worth the money that we rented it off my tv last night! And the movies was so interesting and cool the actors were so good too! And as john stated in this postt yes that was our first car show of summer season 2013. It wasnt such a big one like we normally go to but it ws a nice size one lots of classic cars and newier cars as well. We both had lots of fun, and during our travels that day we found out about our next car show event for next weekend it be so cool too! I took lots of pics at this one 85 to be exact! This is a vidoe i did to the car show ,


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