Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two to chew on

  • Modestinus on trads and Radical Orthodoxy/post-modern Protestants. He and other brother trads think classical liberals like me are part of the problem but this makes me think. I think CST’s politically and economically naïve and I don’t think the post-Protestant leftist American culture would deign to listen, but who knows? Some of the post-modern Prots may be high-church (our liberal high-church cousins; more or less orthodox on many things but on their own terms) but without an infallible church they’re self-limiting/part of the problem they’re trying to fix.
  • Roissy on the dark triad. I thought of the show. From elsewhere: Profile of the sociopath: pathological lying, shallow emotions, grandiose sense of self, incapacity for love, irresponsibility/unreliability, glibness and superficial charm, manipulative and cunning, callousness/lack of empathy, need for stimulation, lack of remorse/shame/guilt, and promiscuous sexual behaviour/infidelity. With a few exceptions (he panics when caught in his big lie, he feels some remorse, and he loves his kids), that’s the Don. And women can’t get enough of him (besides his being good-looking); that’s why they watch (the leftoids tell their friends they want to be Peggy but really want to be Megan or Sylvia in Don’s hands; doesn’t matter which). The lesson is a bit of game, calibrated, is great; a tool. Without golden-era values (such as the teachings of the church), you get personal harm/suffering and social evil (broken homes, for example; old-school adulterers kept up appearances for the kids’ sake rather than ‘do your own thing, man’ self-centeredness on principle). (The sexual revolution: feminism messing up women, and happy hunting, unchecked, for alphas like Don. The rest of men end up alone or cuckolded and divorce-robbed.) The better culture’s the only thing keeping Don and his friends from a world of hurt, and that culture’s starting to go away there. Caveat: this scary-sounding jargon about narcissism and other pathology is, I understand, long part of standard psychology explaining how the minds of normal people work. Again Roissy’s point: some of the triad, without going off the deep end (state control, an alpha virtue), is healthy and works for you.

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