Friday, May 03, 2013


  • Daniel Nichols on goofing off online at work: the class divide. By the way I don’t. Because my job is about productivity online, and part of my conservatism is these fine folks get the benefit of my ’50s work ethic.
  • Takimag article: where the men are. Derb reads the news and Roissy. Alphas in prison: one reason putting women guards in men’s prisons is crazy.
  • Steve Sailer on libs and gun control, and Derb on anti-racism. Both phenomena are part of the Christian heresy of political correctness. The Boston Marathon bombing suspects have caused more Sailerian and Takimag race-baiting, a mix of fear and envy of clannish, low-trust ethnic cultures (which have their good and bad points). Anyway, trying to filter that, the points. I’m a believer in individual rights, not group rights (white power, black power, etc.). That said, groups exist because on average they have characteristics. (And again, clans have their good points, the family is nature’s unit, and libs fight nature by claiming to love the Other and humanity as a whole — another ripoff of the Christian message — while trying to cut down natural family and ethnic, or family writ large, ties, which are seen as bigoted and low-class.) On average some minorities are more dangerous. Not an excuse to violate anybody’s freedom but just a heads-up. Sailer has made the point that underneath the liberal love of gun control (superficially based on the Christian ethic of not doing harm: thou shalt not kill) is something they’ll never admit (like SWPL chicks don’t admit they dig jerks, men who will dominate them): they wish conservatives would help them ‘disarm dangerous minorities’ so downtown becomes a white playground for them. Another example how libs don’t really care about blacks. Or individual rights. They get mad because conservatives defend the Second Amendment instead (which of course is race-blind, good for all races), and so the proxy war against prole whites escalates. Derb’s made a Roissyan observation that anti-racist moralizing is a SWPL version of game, a mating display: ‘I’m so rich I don’t have to worry about dangerous neighborhoods.’ Interesting.
  • From LRC: Peter Schiff says the whole bubble economy will implode when the Fed is forced to turn off the printing press.

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