Friday, May 10, 2013

From the MCJ

  • Benghazi disgrace. I haven’t voted for a mainstream Republican presidential candidate since 2000 and plan never to, but this gets me thinking partisan. Might this turn off Middle America enough to go GOP in ’16? The Stupid Party over the Evil Party. (Stupid: invade Iraq for no reason so now we pay twice as much for gas. Evil: Kermit Gosnell is the Dems in scrubs.) Regrettably Rand’s not his dad (he plays along with the mainstream party) but he’d be a good candidate. Ron Paul: no foreign meddling, no Benghazis. We have our civilization, they have their hellhole and all we do is trade goods for money.
  • The futility of trying to debate someone who’s abandoned or never had rational thought. Pope Benedict at Regensburg vs. the blind faith of a devout Muslim, mainliner or peer-pressure secular humanist. One of the Catholic liberals after the council had been a Thomist before so she started off by admitting that according to Catholic theology her platform is nonsense; she stated her first task was to derail the discussion from the classical view of reason.
  • I’ll say it again: let the Episcopalian dead bury their dead. If Catholicism doesn’t convince you, be Orthodox, Union of Scranton Catholic or in Chris Johnson’s Protestant case, LCMS, WELS or PCA. Another occasional point of mine: the conservative Presbyterians have their act together, forming the PCA. So do our cousins the conservative Lutherans. Anglo-Catholic Continuers, despite the Catholic order that should have given them an advantage over the Presbys, don’t. All those little denominations.

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  1. Re: the fractured Continuing Anglican Community

    IIRC our good friend from the YF and FB, Bp. Robinson, recently made a statement on his FB acct. or the YF FB acct. that in about 20 years or so there may be a complete or near complete union among the disparate CA jurisdictions. I certainly hope so, but I hope I reported this correctly. Not trying to get His Grace's dander up. He's a very nice guy! :-)


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