Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gays didn't kill marriage; divorce did

Gavin McInnes at Takimag. Rod Dreher has made a similar point.


  1. "As I scroll through the contacts on my phone, I see almost nothing but children of divorce who will die childless. I can only find about five friends from college and high school who have families. The rest don’t want anything to do with it. In that sense, the baby boomers’ flippant attitude toward marriage has led to a kind of invisible genocide."

    This rang true for me, to some point. A lot of people I know got married young but that's because I was in two religious communities (Evangelical and then Traditional Catholic). I've noticed that if someone doesn't get married before 25 then they remain single because divorce happens at an alarming rate.

    I'm not even 30 yet and I know of 12 couples who have divorced, a few with children. And while this may not be everyones experience, I noticed that in almost none of the incidences did the men initiate it. For the modern millennial man, marriage seems like the worst deal imaginable. Everything about it seems like a bad idea and when you see divorce rain its ugly fire on so many friends, marriage starts to leave a bad taste in ones mouth.

    1. We no longer have the social pressure to stay married, and our modern society doesn't seem to place much of any value on the institution of marriage except for gay people of course who won't destroy marriage anyway if only because we heterosexuals are doing a such a good job of it with out any gay help. I tend to agree with the invisible genocide you have observed. Result will be that the Third World will again inherit the United States some day soon. Then we will see what they do with it!


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