Friday, May 10, 2013

Health care

  • From RR:
    • ‘The medicalization of misery.’ Political correctness, professional rivalries and payola: the making of the DSM, doctors’ mental-illness diagnostic bible. Worsening the unjust stigma of that kind of illness. I’ve known people clinically mentally ill. It’s not like TV and the movies. The opening story’s just sad; maybe the wife was shallow. Mania, depression and bipolar disorder (them both) are real illnesses, chemical imbalances in the brain, treatable with drugs. Interesting: psychiatrists are MDs so they have a profit motive to have as many diagnoses treatable with drugs as possible. The autism spectrum such as Asperger’s syndrome isn’t ‘medicalizable’ because it’s structural in the brain and genetic, not chemical, so there’s no incentive for these doctors to keep AS as a diagnosis. Also reminds me of Cracked teaching me that psychiatry isn’t like TV, etc., either. It’s not psychotherapy. You don’t lie down and tell somebody your sex dreams (Fulton Sheen: confession is psychoanalysis on its knees); your doctor monitors your meds, not good TV. There’s a kind of conservative who rails at pathologizing familiar feelings and behaviours, but goes too far, calling the really ill fakes. ‘All they need is some good old-fashioned discipline’ is only partly true. Science rightly understood is a tool, our friend.
    • By the way, persecuting homosexuals/trying to force them to change is wrong (it’s like torturing the blind; feeling that way is not a choice) but yes, homosexuality is really a disorder, exactly the word the church uses (‘intrinsically disordered’). Back in the golden era mid-last century, when liberals were still about individual rights and not collectivism/identity politics such as gay power, psychiatry was clear on that, not trying to reboot reality. (Protestant society still largely agreed with the church on sexual matters including abortion; they weren’t seen as ‘Catholic issues’.) Conservative Christians have taught me all my life (responding to ‘that’s so gay’ learned on the playground) not to pick on homosexuals; ‘they have a problem’. If both sides live the golden rule, the libertarian way (the non-aggression rule: no one may initiate force against another), instead of persecuting them or them trying to use the government to force us to change our beliefs, we can in theory get along. And by the way, as Steve Sailer has reminded me, the New Left threw out bourgeois morals for gays and the gays got AIDS in return. Nature’s payback’s a bitch.
    • What medical tourism tells us about our health-care system.
  • Socialized medicine doesn’t make people healthier. From the Anti-Gnostic.

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  1. Responsio:

    1. MDs and prescription meds: I realize the benefits of medication to treat brain disorders such as depressions--my family as some experience with this--I nonetheless can't help but call so many of the prescription writers pill whores.

    2. HMOs--these organizations were supposed to incorporate good business practices, including cost containment, into health care management while maintaining quality health care. Doesn't seem to work out all that well, now does it?


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