Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kermit Gosnell is mainstream

Of course I’m glad Kermit Gosnell’s going to jail (proud to say I once was in a pro-life demonstration in front of his place, with some saintly older Catholics, 15 years ago, long before his crimes were known). But predictably, the new establishment’s spin/damage control will work. The ‘pro-choice’ narrative is doctrine in American culture, promulgated by the elite. (Rather like how Communist symbols are considered cool or at least cute and quaint; they killed more people than the Nazis. So much for lefty peace and love.) Gosnell could have killed those babies in plain sight and gotten away with it, it’s so bad now. Because people are selfish; throw sex into that mix and you get these horrors. Middle America’s been cowed, from being at least passively pro-life to ‘I’m personally opposed, but’. (Also a generational changing of the guard: Middle America isn’t ’50s people anymore, Nixon’s silent majority, but children of the narcissistic Sixties — do your own thing = every man for himself, so you lose, babies — and their 2.4 children, in lefty lockstep. The new establishment. In the old America even Teddy Kennedy was nominally pro-life to please his Irish Catholic base, as Al Gore was to please Tennesseans.) Nothing will change. This sin will still cry out to heaven for justice. The only difference between Gosnell and your local abortion doctor is of degree, not kind. Gosnell is the Democratic Party in scrubs: the Evil Party. (The Republicans are the Stupid Party: last voted for them for president in 2000 and plan never to vote for their mainstream candidates again.)

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  1. Of the sane, middle-American, non-libertine pro-choicers I've known- those in the "I’m personally opposed, but" camp- every one cited "women being hurt in back-alley abortions" as the single reason why they wouldn't want to see it outlawed. If the Gosnell case shows anything, it's that this idea is rank nonsense- without continued political pressure from pro-lifers to ensure regular inspections and prosecute violations, this legal clinic became even worse than the old back alley operations ever were, and it's far from being the only one of its kind.

    The next time some shill for the abortion lobby lies through his teeth and claims that pro-choicers actually give a s**t about "women's health", someone should throw the Gosnell case back in his face, and remind him that pro-choice politicians, under pressure from lobbyists, basically stopped inspecting clinics in the state of PA, because that might have resulted in some clinics actually being closed (horrors!) for health and safety violations.

    You're right that this is not going to change America's abortion laws or its selfish culture. But it should prove useful for at least the next few years as a tool for shutting up any pro-abortion whining that happens in one's general vicinity. Unfortunately, most informal debate in this country has degenerated into a dreary, mindless, idiotic contest over who can find the most emotionally-charged anecdote with which to shut down the rational thinking of the audience; it's a stupid way to argue and doesn't get us any closer to the truth, but at least pro-lifers can win a few now.


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