Friday, May 17, 2013

Not news: mainline minister twists scripture

I don’t know why Chris Johnson dwells on the Episcopal Church. If you want to be Protestant, be happy with some nice conservatives such as our Missouri Synod Lutheran cousins, the PCA or the Southern Baptists.

Anyway, their presiding bishop praised the satanic.

Well, the ‘Reformation’ is about private judgement so there you go: the conservatives don’t have a leg to stand on in Protestantism; the liberals automatically win.
Like letting Episcopalians think that they can determine what God’s laws should be if He would just listen to the wise counsel of Episcopalians.
Yup, that’s the mainline.

As for that and claiming something satanic is good...

I hope mainliners aren’t really as arrogant as what I quoted, though in practice they are. To be fair to them, they do hold themselves accountable to something bigger than themselves, in principle. They hold political correctness’s (a Christian heresy) ‘truths’ about women’s and gay rights to be self-evident. They obviously don’t answer to the plain meaning of scripture (which they think is for idiots; higher criticism freed them from that, substituting a kind of nominalism or deconstructionism, and besides, most of the English lost their faith at the ‘Enlightenment’ so unbelieving Episcopalians aren’t news) or to church tradition (‘papist superstition’; as Bill Tighe says, I wonder what Henry VIII and Elizabeth I think of the result of what they did; Luther too).

Meanwhile Anglo-American culture jumps to political correctness’s conclusion, superseding churchy middlemen such as the Episcopalians and other mainliners. 86 the Jesus talk and stay home, play golf or go to brunch on Sunday mornings. Membership drops like a rock. Some denominations will go out of business; others will merge (as the Episcopalians have with ELCA, the Swedish version of themselves).

Other than loving and missing the pre-Sixties America our Protestant hosts created, a good home for Catholics, I don’t care.

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