Sunday, May 26, 2013

The mother of all impossibilities

Binky of Steynian is back:
SO THE ENGLISH Parliament, sometime plaything of kings and nobles and Calvinist rebels, but still the Mother of Western Democracy, has made law impossible things. Pseudogamous "marriage" for same-sex couples is law in the UK.

This is a crime against multiculturalism, of course, because Christians, Jews and Muslims officially oppose same-sexuality; and the line-up of sexual minorities behind the same-sex crowd-- at least by the logic of rights
über alles -- also deserve their slice of the legality/ benefits/ state-enforced & state-funded sex-pie, and are starting to ask for same.

This is yet another moment in the long war of our conformitarian Western elites against reality, and The Real -- ultimately, against God -- and against civilization, many of her people, and the actual best interests of children and future generations. That war started with the invention of the cradle-to-grave benefits state, with easier divorce, abortion & the Pill, the sexual revolution, widespread pornography, delayed and serial monogamous marriage, wherein the sexual habits of sex-crazed bunnies permeated the Middle class...
In somewhat related news, England’s established mainline church hardly anybody goes to anymore plans to have women bishops by 2015. Same principle: changing reality by vote. England’s been doing it since Henry VIII hijacked the church there to give himself an annulment so women clergy and gay weddings aren’t surprising. The liberals hold those truths to be self-evident. Western liberals are Christian heretics; they think they’re helping the oppressed. The Anglicans used to be the Tories and Republicans at prayer but that was just cultural. The ‘Enlightenment’ put out the light of real faith among them; the Sixties made that more obvious. The Church of England’s difference from the Episcopalians, besides being in a more anti-religious country, is the C of E has Evangelicals in it duking it out with the liberals.


  1. Those five women look like someting right out of Monty Python! LOL

  2. As I've always said, what's the point of having women clergy if they have horrendous taste? I especially hate the sight of a priestess in a man's suit. Yuck.

    Just about the only bishopess I can tolerate looking at is Kay Goldsworthy down in Australia.


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