Monday, May 20, 2013

The show

Drugs and psychologizing in the most recent episode. Flashback: why Don’s a sociopath. Don’s losing it and it almost hurt his kids.

It was fairly obvious from a few episodes back that Don’s first sex would be with Amée the prostitute.

The suspense with the burglar reminded me of ‘Crime Story’.

This is the worst I’ve seen Don; right after the divorce was second. I dig Sylvia too (yes, the affair is reprehensible, but sexual attraction is usually like that; nice guys like Arnie finish last) but hey, this is or was the Don. Guess he really fell for her. But hanging around outside her back door like a loser stalker? Come on! Not the Don I knew. The drugs worked for the story line, if it was a little pretentious in its effect. It exaggerated Don’s derailing. The dodgy doctor seems based on Dr Feelgood, I forget his real name, who served President Kennedy.

Bet that crazy stuff at the office really happened then. Madison Avenue was insane. Great soap-opera material.

Again, the control scene last week didn’t turn me on. What strikes me is it does turn on a lot of women, which is why they watch. There are lots of Sylvias. Beta affection, flowers and poetry, doesn’t work on them.

My guess is the show is ultimately about Don the anti-hero’s coming unglued (another casualty of the Sixties?), which explains the theme of the opening credits, and will wrap up next year (Matthew Weiner’s said next season will be the last and he’s written the ending) with him losing everything (Megan, kids, even the job he’s gifted at) but finding some kind of redemption so the audience isn’t completely let down.

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