Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The tornado, the sexes and the decline of the West, and Catholicism and Orthodoxy


  1. I don't understand why you read the trash produced by Roissy.

    1. Because he tells the unvarnished truth about human sexuality, as part of fallen human nature, and human biodiversity (groups on average aren't equal). Because of that, beneath the amoral bluster, he's profoundly conservative, as the Anti-Gnostic says. (One of his points: what's good for players, the sexual revolution, isn't good for society in the long run.)

      His message is a splash of cold water in the face trying to wake up two kinds of well-meaning nice guys, who are related: conservative Christian white knights like you seem to be, and their politically correct, peer-pressure liberal cousins who now dominate the culture (they're Christian heretics, a ripoff of Christianity). The guys who do everything mainstream society, including the conservative churches, tells them about trying to be nice, pedestalize women because of their God-given love for them, and wonder why they end up alone.


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