Friday, May 31, 2013

Trads have vocations

While in the church’s old American base in the Northeast, our archdiocesan seminary considers selling off more of its grounds (how’s that ‘renewal’ working out for y’all?), Modestinus reports that the SSPX has outgrown its former Dominican seminary in Winona (already having outgrown the former Jesuit retreat house in Ridgefield) and is building a bigger one in Virginia.
I will stand by... the position that the priests of the SSPX are indeed Catholic, that they are not schismatic, that their priests serve valid Masses, and that in parts of not only the United States but the rest of the world, they are “the only game in town” for those Catholic Christians who desire not only the traditional Catholic liturgy, but the rhythms of an authentically Catholic life. Beyond these claims there is a lot of room for debate.
I have my Mass in the official church because the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre sacrificed himself.

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Back in the years of John Paul the Overrated, the neocons’ boy, the liberals didn’t take trads seriously; our bitterest rivals were the conservative Novus Ordo, defending tradition since 1970 and whatever the Pope happened to think that week. (It wasn’t high-church yet. That was Benedict the Great.) So ‘for you and for all’ (‘That’s wrong.’ ‘Shut up!’) and middle-aged ladies (at the time; they’re now old) giving out Communion and pushing women’s ordination. No wonder semi-congregationalist liturgically trad Anglo-Catholic parishes looked good in comparison to this Episcopal boy at the time. From conservative Novus you’d get ‘I’m just Catholic’ pretending the conflict wasn’t there, or lulus like the SSPX is a new, non-Catholic church, as if it were the Utrecht Old Catholics (nope: never schismatic in principle).
Whatever goes on in Rome, stay Catholic. They can't take the faith from you unless you're willing to relinquish it.

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  1. As a young man who is discerning a vocation, I have to say Traditionalists have vocations not just due to old languages, pretty liturgy or some such (otherwise the Byzantines would be bursting, but I don't see that). I truly think their success is that their call to being a priest or religious is actually one that challenges and demands something of their seminarians.

    All too often, most religious groups are barely more than a few eccentric men who decided to become roommates. They don't wear a habit or clerics, do the minimum amount of praying, and often only get involved in left-wing politics within their community. The Dominicans do well with vocations, despite being Novus Ordo, but they actually challenge their men.

    Also, at the risk of being a sexist, there is a real lack of masculinity in some orders. This is a complete turn-off for a young man. As one Irish comedian put it when we went to mass, "There was this 80 year old woman of a man up there." I don't know of a single man that wants to take vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience just so they can live like Laverne and Shirley.


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