Wednesday, May 29, 2013


  • Modestinus’ trad taxonomy. I’m just to the right of the first group, in the official church but knowing all’s not sweetness and light there (I’m hoping for Pope Francis’ benign neglect, expecting nothing more). Mass-and-office, pre-conciliar’s high-and-dry.
  • Aussie Western Rite Orthodox breakup. A defection to an uncanonical church. Guess the true church for Westerners in Australia isn’t in Fr Michael’s home after all. For all the official church’s problems, St Peter’s, ; St Petroc’s, no.
  • That said, an unexpected lesson from after the council, from Anglo-Catholicism and Orthodoxy, is that the grassroots (Anglo-Catholic semi-congregationalism, which is how it managed to exist; Orthodox decentralization) can be a serviceable refuge for the pre-conciliar and is historically how the church has been (in the ages before easy travel and instant communication).
  • Maybe St John Lateran’s a better synecdoche for the church, since it’s the Pope’s cathedral. HQ’s long been Rome but not the Vatican (the usual synecdoche) for much of that time.
  • From Takimag: Dominique Venner.
  • New to me: Rachel Allen. Or Ireland isn’t much like ‘Ireland’. I like good food of course but don’t really cook. Found this beauty when flipping channels recently. Couldn’t place the accent so Google told all. She’s no Hollywood golden-era colleen or American TV leprechaun. This is modern, nouveau, Celtic-tiger Irish. I understand that her sound, halfway between BBC and common-knowledge Irish, isn’t unique to her. It’s how lots of Dubliners talk. Of course I’ve met Irish from other regions who don’t sound as English.


  1. Re: Australian WRO

    The alleged missionary activities over the past 25+ years in Australia unsurprisingly have borne little fruit. I would even characterize them as still-born. No big sacrifices, martyrdom, or total, unselfish, ego-less dedication involved . . . basically no vocation from God, either personally or corporately as far as I can tell. Sad that it wasn't more successful. A surprising observation from this "at-heart" traddie suffering in a modern RCC environment! I am very fond of Orthodoxy, particularly the RO version, even the occasionally obstreperous ROCOR manifestation of RO thanks to my interest in the life of the late Fr. Seraphim Rose. Eternal memory. The natural Russian Orthodox traditionalism really attracted my attention!

    I predict more of the same lack of missionary success coming in the U.K. for the exact same reasons. This too is sad . . . .

  2. Rachel Allen's accent is unusual even by Dublin Protestant standards. It may have something to do with her mother being Icelandic.

    1. That explains her looks. You may be right; I forgot about the Catholic/Protestant differences in accents.


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