Thursday, June 13, 2013

Criticizing libertarianism, and more

  • Modestinus criticizes libertarianism. I won’t hang it up but this makes me think and I agree of course that the market doesn’t determine morality.
  • Sed contra from LRC: The world first heard the puerile nonsense David Brooks is spouting from street thugs in brown and black shirts in the 1920s and 1930s. They too attacked what they described as the rootless atomistic individualism of classical liberalism (libertarianism) and lauded a “people’s community” (Volksgemeinschaft) based on national identity and social solidarity, submerging one’s personality into a faceless mass. Some guy named Mises later wrote a book about this.
  • There’s NOTHING stopping a Protestant denomination going the mainline route. Even our close cousins the LCMS. ‘The Vicar of Dibley’: I know that the Rev. Joy Wallis and Dawn French created it to sell women’s ordination. Now that I think about it, I imagine they thought such a marketing campaign showing how ‘cool’ the Church of England had become would win the anti-religious English people back for it, getting at least some to go back to church at least a couple times a year. As I’m not Anglican and haven’t been in England for 20 years, I wonder how that’s working out.
  • Sailer at Takimag: does Israel have a backdoor to US intel? Of course. Let me get this straight: our ‘ally’, our fellow Europeans’ ‘beacon of liberty’ in the Mideast, is rooting for al-Qaeda vs. Assad (a secular, heretical-Muslim ruler no threat to us) in Syria? For the folks who murdered nearly 3,000 of us on 9/11. Our capital ought not be Tel Aviv.
  • Graph from Daniel Nichols. When’s it the market and when’s it just greed? Fallen human nature and the counterculture/neocon connection, even though the neocons often originally were liberal gentlemen of the old America who rightly hated the counterculture: magnified since 1968, do your own thing = every man for himself.
  • From RR:
    • Webshaming backfires: level-headed Dunkin Donuts workers rewarded.
    • Poll: Bush now slightly more popular than Obama. Mainstream presidential politics is Punch and Judy for idiots. Neither is what he presents himself to be. Bush is a nice guy, not stupid like the left’s slander but not as smart as Cheney, with a real folksy accent, but from a liberal Rockefeller Republican family, very New World Order, not the social conservatives’ cultural hero (a character created by Karl Rove). Obama’s from a white and exotic foreign (Indonesian) background whose friends as a young man were rich Pakistanis; he’s not an American black nor all that different from the mainstream neocon GOP, except being more obviously evil about abortion and having a thing for insurance companies. Sailer: he’s really as WASPy as the elder Bush.

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  1. LRC and Charles Burris will have to do better than just screaming "Nazi!" and "Hitler!" The idea of the volk is way, way older than the NSDAP. Tribes dating back to pre-history commonly designated themselves by terms that literally translated as the "human beings." Old Aristotle was discussing the polis a long time before the Third Reich:>the polis.

    The default condition for humanity, perforce, is to be somebody's child,spouse,parent and, from there, somebody's aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, and from there it's but a few generations and a few degrees of consanguinity to get to ethnicity, and thence to the nation-state. (Credal polities like the US, the USSR and the Roman Empire are exceptional, and impermanent.)

    Only modern man, with his shiny new institutions that freed him first, from the soil and second, from his own flesh and blood, thinks in radical individualist terms. Mr. Burris is as confused and ahistorical as the fatuous, floundering David Brooks.

    Of course, I find Brooks's ersatz community of secular democracy equally despicable. I find common cause with the libertarians because, at this point, secession and decentralization represents the only way for people to find space for pious, organic community. The Amish and Hasidim are already doing this, and Sikhs and Muslims in the West are beginning to do the same thing.


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