Friday, June 28, 2013

DOMA, American Catholics, HBD, and more

  • DOMA. My answer so far: I hate that the feds, in this case the Supreme Court, are declaring war on reality again (the trouble began when they stamped on states’ rights), and yes, they are out to get conservative Christians, still really hating Catholics. That said, short of the hardcore libertarians’ tiresome ‘You’re not the boss of me!’ articles (there is such a thing as social order and there’s a place for the government), I’m for keeping the government out of it. Most of the 97% of sexually normal people would keep marrying and having children without the ‘benefit’ of holy mother state (the Cathedral), as in most of history, obviously, and the deviants would have the right to be left in peace.
  • The other part of that is the place of Catholics in American public life, such as the Catholic Supreme Court justices, what should have been a Catholic moment in America. Some American churchmen reportedly have gotten angry at urgings to excommunicate scandalously pro-abortion politicians, whose name seems to be legion, from Vice President Biden, Secretary Sebelius, and Congresswoman Pelosi (another example that the council’s a disaster: for a while, she was America’s most powerful Catholic; we’ve gone down from Al Smith or Cardinal Spellman to this) on down. (I say excommunicate them.) They say if the church manned up and cleaned house, there’d be no more Catholics holding office. In the ’80s, the sound among us wondered if the liberal American church would stealthily go into schism. The Anti-Gnostic has suggested American churchmen will do something like that in order to keep their high profile they earned in America before the council. (So Cardinal Dolan still gets his picture taken with people like Obama and Romney, and there are more Bidens, Sebeliuses, et al.) My guess has been as the old churchy liberals (Modernists) die, the American church will stay on Pope Benedict’s course, naturally becoming smaller and much more conservative, not schismatic. Too soon to call.
  • Roissy: the Cathedral controls the media.
  • The Anti-Gnostic: I don't think there is any other population group that hate their underclass kin more than Anglo-American elites. They moved the factories offshore, then they imported replacement workers for the non-tradeable sectors. They bussed in more violent blacks into their school districts, exiling much of the white working class from the city centers. They fed them godless entertainment, and they taught them that any notion of organic community was hateful and bigoted. Then they gave them welfare, which is proving as toxic and dysgenic to lower-class whites as it has been to lower-class blacks.
  • Sailer: the abolition of racial and ethnic preferences. I have a dream today.
  • The faith: What’s my line (of succession)?
  • The non-story of women priests: Vagante sensationalism on a slow news day, and Jimmy Carter theologizing again. Me.
  • Sunshine Mary:
    • What women want.
    • LAMPS and the Bible. A checklist for men. Be honest, and if you fail any of these, either work on them (Roissy’s message: you CAN change) or lower your expectations finding a woman.


  1. The bad intentions of the Fed Gov't notwithstanding, legislation re: marriage even the "contradiction in terms" gay marriage belongs to the States according to the 10th Amendment IMHO. Not at all in favor of gay marriage--like calling a cat a dog.

    1. Right. Returning it to the states is not ideal but a step in the right direction. The trouble is the culture's so far gone that many states would still have abortion on demand and gay marriage. How far America's fallen in both our lifetimes, more for you since you grew up in the old America; I only remember its tail end. In 1973 Middle America was still pro-life; Teddy Kennedy had to keep up appearances so as not to lose the Catholic vote in Massachusetts and likewise, in '77, Al Gore the evangelical vote in Tennessee. Now what's left of Middle America's been buffaloed or debauched into 'I'm personally opposed but' or even actively pro-. If Nixon's silent majority still exists, maybe they're not our friends anymore. We both grew up when secular culture was meaner to homosexuals than conservative Christians were; another big win for the Cathedral, an about-face.

    2. The Lord sent a Flood the first time and said, supposedly, it will be fire the next time. I therefore am awaiting the asteroid or big comet hitting the earth someday soon! :-( :-)


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