Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, and Father's Day

  • Mass: Dominus illuminatio mea et salus mea; quem timebo? Anglo-Catholic alumni recognize the Psalm 27 quotation; Oxford’s motto. (A long time ago, my late A-C rector started a much younger fogey on his adult life with that quotation, for courage. Thanks, Father.) A day for all fathers, it turns out. One of our living links to the old church, Fr Brannan, became a priest 50 years ago today. (Our Mass is a living tradition; it wasn’t too late to save it.) Another, historical note, showing the old church is a big tent: the priest of his order who gave his ordination retreat was the American champion of religious liberty, John Courtney Murray.
  • Father’s points in understandably a sermon about vocation. First, Catholicism 101, going back to the fathers (Ignatius) and the New Testament: the buck stops with the bishop. You don’t know you have a calling until he says so. Second, understandable in Roman Rite culture, he said celibacy and the grace to live it are part of the calling. He said Fr Murray told his group of ordinands that the calling confirms that God hasn’t intended a woman for you. No disrespect to a fine churchman but that would be news to the married Greek Catholic priests in their homelands and their many Orthodox priest cousins. (The 1930s ACROD story: Slavs, not heretics, pushed out of the church for no good reason. I blame certain Roman Riters more than them.) Changing the rule wouldn’t reverse the vocations crunch (the Orthodox don’t have them anymore either), but it’s just a rule; not a hill I’m willing to die on.
  • My late father. I resemble him but he was bigger, a six-footer, and his glasses were horn-rims, not browlines. He grew up speaking Spanish. For a while he and his dad were mountain men in the San Gabriels; he knew how to hunt. Wanted to be an Air Force pilot in the ’50s but for the aforementioned glasses. Ended up an engineer, fighting the Cold War by working on the navigation system of the F-4 Phantom fighter for the Navy, among many other projects. Got to be a private pilot for a while. Got out of the defense business for a couple of years to run the furniture factory he inherited (almost got burned down in the Sixties). A real Republican: Goldwater voter. Loved dogs. Got into lake sailing later on. Left the church for 20 years (why I was born Episcopal) but came back just in time.
  • The pseudo-church’s foundations. Paleo goodness from the Anti-Gnostic. What we’re up against now. It’s not the passé, shrinking mainline; this was launched from it. It’s not evangelicalism. Our hosts’ main Protestant religion, even when it denies being a religion, has several names conservatives have given it. Rod Dreher has taken up the name moralistic therapeutic deism; I forget who came up with it. Moldbug rightly sees its roots in the Pilgrims’ extreme Protestantism (but the Pilgrims weren’t the only or even the main American colonial story; that’s a recent myth propped up by the government): he calls it cryptocalvinism or hyper-Puritanism: more from Foseti. Roissy and others call it the Cathedral. A state church in all but name, what Anglicanism tried to be and wishes it were. As I like to say, it’s a Christian heresy, claiming to be charitable and just, standing up for the oppressed (women, non-whites, homosexuals). Still more from The Reactivity Place: ...the three scientific premises of the Cathedral in its present-day iteration. These premises must be accepted without question for membership in good standing: Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), Human Neurological Uniformity (HNU) [its mortal enemy is human biodiversity, HBD], and Keynes-Fisher Macroeconomics (KFM). So there’s your handy rule-of-thumb for the day. If you’re hearing about AGW, HNU or KFM, then it’s the Cathedral talking. Hating both the Catholic Church and the old America that made a good home for it is the Cathedral too.
  • The case for controlling immigration. Regular readers know my line: HBD’s true but ought not be any of the state’s business (so no to Sailer’s wall to keep the Mexicans out); defending individual liberty (to move, to apply for school and jobs) should be. (Neither Jim Crow nor affirmative action.) Bring a talent we need, work hard, and obey our do-no-harm rule, and you’re welcome. That said, here’s Pat Buchanan: Answers: No amnesty, secure the border, enforce laws against businesses that hire illegals, and impose a moratorium on new immigration so wages can rise and immigrants enter the middle class and start voting as did the children and grandchildren of the immigrants of 1890-1920 by 1972. In other words, a country can handle only so many new people, so controlling immigration actually helped the big Catholic minority reach its ’50s peak in prosperity and acceptance. Related: Sailer notes that César Chavez, a born American, opposed illegal immigration and importing Mexican labor because he understood supply and demand. The companies tried to use the government (the Bracero program of Mexican guest workers) to screw over Americans like him. As is happening to many Americans now.
  • More from Pat: In demographic terms, more white Americans died in 2012 than were born. Never before—not during the Civil War bloodletting, not during the influenza epidemic after World War I, not during the Great Depression and birth dearth of the 1930s—has this happened. In ethnic terms, it means that Americans whose forebears came from Great Britain, Ireland and Germany, Southern and Eastern Europe—the European tribes of North America—have begun to die. The demographic winter of white America is at hand, even as it began years ago for the native-born of old Europe. Maybe we shouldn’t have contracepted and aborted our kids. Stupid Sixties.
  • Sailer on American Graffiti’s youth car culture: Practically everybody in the Los Angeles of my youth owned a car: capitalist egalitarianism, Henry Ford’s dream. It turned out that some minimum level of general prosperity, Los Angeles in 1962, say, is actually conducive to safety, public order, manners, and responsible behavior. Our elites have been trying to fix that problem ever since.
  • Chevy on a West Philly street today. ’50?

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